5 Ways I’m Nurturing My Skin Right Now

If you were reading on Tuesday, you would have seen my Cutting Out Processed Sugar post. Since starting My 90 Day Body & Mind Transformation Journey  I’ve been on a mission to improve my skincare regime and have healthy & glowing skin. I have definitely noticed the changes in my skin since turning 40, and lately some not-so-fun changes. Most noticeably, are the little lines and wrinkles that have started to form, the general loss of plumpness which affects everyone but especially some hollowing out under my eyes. The aging process is clearly taking place, so I’ve been focusing on ways to hydrate my skin daily. Here’s what’s helping:

Applying Serum Daily

I’m currently obsessed with serums! I am applying this Arbonne Intensive Renewal Serum, in the morning after cleansing & toning and also during my evening skincare routine before going to bed. My skin is feeling firmer and with less little fine lines showing around my eyes.

Eating Water Foods

I drink a lot of water throughout the day, but I have also been consciously eating more foods full of water content. Cucumbers watermelons, sweet peppers, cantaloupe, celery and spinach. Either in snacks or salads at least twice a day, my skin definitely looks more hydrated and I just feel better too!

 Gentle Exfoliation

Gentle, lovelies! Gentle is the most important thing, I have sensitive skin so anything even remotely aggressive and I look like a raspberry. I have fell in love with Beauty Green Botanicals Oatmeal Exfoliant, completely natural and made from colloidal oatmeal & blueberries. Perfect for a very gentle “scrub” once a week.

Weekly Hydrating Masks

I have used Jurlique masks for more than 20 years, these are my 2 favourites and the ones I stock up on every time I am back in Australia. You can even sleep in the Rose mask, which I have a couple of times in the midst of a Canadian winter. I use at least one of masks weekly, if not twice a week depending on the weather. They both are “never fail” to make my skin look hydrated and dewy.

More Facials

I’ve made a habit of having regular facials every 3 months in the few years, but in the last year I have been having the European Energy Facial  with Maryam at the Downtown Spa. And I am loving the results… firmer, more youthful looking skin!

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