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Happy Wednesday beauty!

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have noticed that I just posted this.  It got a bit of attention…and I can see why.

Each of us was raised by people that forced us to become the people were meant to be…even in the ugliest of circumstances. There is even a spiritual school of thought that believes our souls actually CHOSE our parents before we came to earth…knowing they would be the ideal teachers we needed to learn from…in order to achieve our destiny in this lifetime.

Consider that our parents truly did the best they could…from their state of consciousness…through their upbringing…and challenges…and how they treated us was absolutely perfect ♡

I was raised by parents who I perceived with my young mind, loved my brother more than me. My perception causes me a lot of struggle & pain growing up.  Looking back now, I feel only love…for all of them. I learned to become a very sensitive loving & nurturing soul who is a fierce warrior for love & sees the best in everyone & every situation. We are NEVER victims of our circumstances if we refuse to be ♡

Here to serve you ALWAYS, E

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