Spending Time In The Sunshine

I am not a sunbather but I love spending time outside, all this summer I have been making a concerted effort to take a least one break daily outside in the sunshine. Fresh air and vitamin D are not only energizing, but they are also an amazing boost for your happiness levels. Taking short walks outside to break up my day in front of my computer, sitting outside to eat my lunch, and even taking my phone and notebook outside in the garden to return phone calls all improves my state of mind.

Most of us around the 2 p.m. mark usually see a drop in our motivation and we feel our energy slump, sometimes a change of scenery, especially outdoors is exactly what we need. I know and understand that not everyone has a flexible work space or even the benefit of a flexible schedule. I am very blessed to be able choose whether I work in the studio, have clients days where I can take a quick break outdoors, and even work from home when I want to….. Can you take your lunch outside? Walk while you talk to a client on the phone? Have client meeting at a local coffee shop instead of the regular conference room? Answer your emails from your phone rather than the desk while sitting in nature, if only for 10 minutes? There is just something uplifting about listening to birds in the trees, seeing the sun and feeling its warmth rather than being behind my desk indoors.

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