Changing Everyday Habits

Small changes can add up to BIG results, especially when it comes to lessening your stress levels and enhancing your mood which, I am very focused on. I have by simply cutting out a few habits my day is greatly improved. Now some of these may not apply to you, but this is makes me feel happier, lighter and more calm (zen).

I stopped reading emails & perusing social media as soon as I woke up. I have always slept with my phone in silent mode and when I have the chance airplane mode. Because my family are spread across the globe in different timezones, simply having airplane mode on every night isn’t an option for me. When I wake up I check my phone for any text messages from family, but no email or social media, I keep it on silent until after I finished my morning routine. Airplane mode stops email, text, Instagram & Facebook notifications from come through. The silent setting still allows notifications to come in (I have purposely changed up my FB, IG and email settings to minimize the amount) and I turn off the vibrate function at night too. Just this change has made an amazing difference to facing the day ahead in my own time with a sense of calm rather than an urgency created by the outside world.

Don’t over schedule yourself. I stopped constantly scheduling our time when our daughter was born, well I tried as much as possible. Fun and enjoyable activities can start to feel like chores rather leisure time, when your schedule is too jammed packed. Especially when our work life is always very booked down to the last minute, just making fewer plans and leaving more free time for being together has helped immensely.

Skip making lists. Making lists for grocery shopping & meal planning, along with a cleaning schedule is a godsend. Compiling lists for everyday shopping and tasks makes life easier. Do you really want to forget to buy toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo or soap? With a lists, you will have food in your cupboards, your surrounding are clean & uncluttered, and with no stressful last minute dash and hurry.

Letting go of things. I would not call myself a “hoarder” BUT I do have a tendency to hang onto things for longer than I need to. Extra stuff definitely weighs on both your mind and clutters your surroundings. I do a monthly purge, going room by room on a schedule. Yesterday was my master closet, and I even shocked myself that I had 1 full bag of things to donate. The changing of the seasons and the renovation status of our first floor made making decisions to part with things even easier.

Watching the news late at night. For many years I watched the late night news before I went to bed, so I could get caught up on current events of the day. But I found it always heighten my anxiety and was affecting my sleep. No late night news for me anymore, actually I stopped watching the late new when I moved to Canada. Instead I listen to music or read a book, a real book not on my iPad. The blue light emitted from the screen on iPads & e-readers actually keep your brain stimulated rather being calming.

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