How To Make Your Bathroom More Eclectic

If you’ve decided to install a new bathroom or give your old one a makeover, you have to bring in some of your personal style in the decoration. If your style is unique and special, you’ll want to make your bathroom eclectic and full of interesting design ideas. Here’s how to achieve this eclectic look.

Shower Curtains

An Eclectic shower curtain is the most inexpensive but effective décor element you can introduce to your bathroom. When choosing a curtain, you have to consider the style of your bathroom, but don’t feel limited by it. Try and mix different styles and fabrics, only pay attention to the colour and pattern of the space. If your bathroom is already full of colour, opt for a neutral colour for your shower curtain, but choose an interesting material, pattern or texture. On the other hand, if your bathroom is plain and sterile and you want to make it more eclectic, choose a lively curtain full of colour and patterns to bring in some flair to the space. If you also lack some light in the tub, think about getting a see-through shower curtain. It will let in enough light and it will also make your bathroom look bigger.

Mix Styles

Eclectic is also connected with playing with seemingly clashing styles. To effectively achieve an eclectic style in your bathroom, try mixing vintage and modern styles. If you have a modern bathroom, with clean lines, smooth surfaces, monochrome tiles and metallic fixtures, you can break the monotony with a classic style freestanding tub, some vintage bathroom furniture or traditional hardware. You can also mix dark wooden cabinets that look 100 years old with some modern sinks to add modernity, or you can get some old industrial basins and install them on a modern, clean cabinet. This contrast will make your bathroom look unique and eclectic.

Mix Colours And Finishes

When you think of eclectic design, you can’t help but imagine vibrant colours and the mixture of different textures and finishes. Try putting together a couple of contrasting elements and colours such as a dark sink cabinet, white ceramic sink, vintage mirror and a modern towel hanger. This mix of colours, materials and textures looks pleasing to the eye while being intriguing and eclectic. If your space has many shiny pieces accompany them with some matte ones; mix wood and porcelain, metal and wood, plastic and porcelain. Try to choose one colour or one pattern that will serve as a unifying element to bind all these different styles together.

Put Rugs In The Bathroom

This may seem like an easy decision, but a rug you choose for your bathroom plays a big role in making your space look eclectic. A bold patterned or coloured rug can be the centrepiece of your bathroom. Play with floral, oriental, animal or tribal prints to achieve the contrast you desire. This works amazing with traditional and monochrome bathrooms. On the other hand, if you add a bold patterned rug to an already colourful bathroom you will create a mess of colours and patterns. Try to balance rug patterns and colours with surrounding elements.

Plants And Natural Fibers

Another thing you can do to achieve an eclectic look is to bring in some natural elements into the design of your bathroom. Choose unfinished natural wood or even driftwood for mirror frames, cabinets and benches. This will create an interesting contrast with the tiles and countertops, especially if they’re white. Add a quirky flower arrangement or a unique vase to tie the elements together. If you want to pay homage to the 70s, put a big tropical fern or any other kind of plant into the bathroom. This will bring back that chic and bohemian eclectic design. You can also introduce other natural materials with fiber or wicker woven towel baskets, just make sure to contrast them with some modern elements.

Ceiling-Mount Shower Heads

If you’re looking to change your shower style, you can make just this one little change and it will make your bathroom look completely different. Ceiling-mount shower heads not only look chic and eclectic, but they are also super useful in small bathrooms. Ceiling shower heads go well with pretty much any bath and that combination will turn your bathroom into an eclectic haven. If you decide to get a shower head like that, consult with your plumber to make sure your ceiling can handle necessary pipes. Also, attics are not insulated in many homes, so the cold can cause pipes to free.

Mix Patterns

Aside from making the space look cool and eclectic, patterns also give the space an illusion of depth. Be careful how you mix colours and patterns because you can end up with a mess that looks tacky instead of eclectic. Mix different patterns but match colours to make the space look coordinated and tidy. You can mix patterns in black and white for a more classical and traditional but still eclectic look. If you want to take eclectic style a bit further, mix stripes and floral patterns. Floral is always trendy and is one of the key elements of eclectic design, so you can’t really go wrong with it.


Because tiles are one truly traditional bathroom element, it’s time to try something different in that department if you want to achieve eclectic look. There’s a variety of colours, patterns, textures and sizes on the market today, you have all the freedom in the world to experiment and try something new. You can also play with floor tiles. Try mixing unique mosaic floor tiles, modern light fixtures and different finishes for an original eclectic look. Try using many different sources, such as nature, space, geometry and even history as an inspiration. If you fall in love with eclectic tiles soon you will start planning your kitchen renovation as well.

If you wish your bathroom to look eclectic and unique, you have to think outside the box and often let your imagination fly high. Experiment with colours, styles, patterns and textures and turn your bathroom into your favourite eclectic retreat.

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