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Gorgeous Blooms From My Local Farmers Market

Hello Everyone,

Despite how it tends to look on social media, behind the scenes – AKA everyday life, isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. All those pretty squares are nice to look at and to “inspire us”, but they don’t show all items shoved to the side to take that perfect photograph. Meaning that typically most people don’t post pics of the everyday mayhem we all live in, this was one of those weeks for my family and I. The renovations in my home have started again – our main floor staircase is almost demolished, our third bedroom is awash with items from every other room in my home and our garage can’t have a car parked inside – it’s acting as my husband’s temporary workshop complete with a huge table-saw & wood working lathe. And note to self – if you are going to purchase bedlinen in another country on the other side of the world (Australia), make sure you buy the corresponding duvet insert, as the dimensions for these linens are not the same worldwide!! Our long weekend is going  to be filled with our staircase project, sewing new drapes, laying new timber floors and a Friday night get-together with some lovely friends. Here’s a quick peek at my week, in few photographs.

Happy long weekend, Leonie xx

The Yummiest Crab Cakes Ever

A Little Crushing Moment On This  Gorgeous Antique Garnet  & Diamond Ring Image Via Pinterest

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