Simple Ways To Help With Sleep Anxiety

Do you suffer from sleep anxiety? Whether it’s not being able to fall asleep, having to deal with noisy nighttime neighbours, a bedmate who snores or actually staying asleep. The anxiety about not getting enough sleep each night can also be a huge issue. Many people including myself over the years have tried therapists, prescription drugs, and all kinds of natural alternatives. I’m sharing my methods to overcome my sleep anxiety and what helps me.

A routine is one of the best ways I deal with sleep anxiety. I can’t just force my mind and body to just turn off and fall asleep. An hour before bed I turn off all technology or set it to silent (vibrate) mode, begin my skincare regime, switch on my diffuser with my lavender & frankincense essential oil blend, and start reading my hardcover book (no e-reader, the light from e-reader/iPads has been proven to keep your brain alert and awake). I have very small diffuser that disassembles quickly into 2 parts plus the cord, it easily slips into my suitcase or my overnight bag with a bottle of lavender oil when heading away.

My husband snores when he sleeps on his back which always either wakes me up or keeps me awake. So sleeping on his side with a small pillow tucked behind his back is our solution, and it works great for us. There was a time that I would actually dread bedtime because of the snoring issue and my anxiety levels would be super high. No more, we have an easy solution that works for both of us.

I also utilize a sleep sound machine, on those nights when no matter my efforts I just can’t slip into sleep. My machine is small and portable so I take it with me when I travel, which is perfect for noisy hotel rooms. Double pane windows and thicker drapes are also great sound dampeners while also blocking out any bright lights.

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