Do You Always Finish What You Start?

I like to think of myself as someone who always follows through and finishes up any project I start. But there are sometimes despite my best intentions that some of projects stall and I don’t feel like I will ever actually get it done. Whether it’s around the house, my client projects or my never ending to-do list, right now I feel like I have a bunch of unfinished things on-the-go with no end in sight.

But here is a reason we don’t always finish what we start, in almost all cases our brains want to avoid difficult or uncomfortable situations. When your mind gets uncomfortable with having to make a decision, it tries to avoid that feeling so it pushes away what you are wanting to deal with. In my case, I am left with unfinished projects which causes me stress and that dreaded “I have so much to do” feeling.

 These are my 5 steps to get my list done and my stress gone….

  1. Prioritize and don’t overthink it what I have to do, just get started without the head games.
  2. Make a new updated list in order of what I need achieve. In my case it is few separate lists – home projects, TELL planning & projects, back to school, fall planning and Christmas shopping.
  3. What must I do first? I divide my list onto my daily calendar in manageable chunks of time. I always over estimate of how much time that is required. Remember never leave things to the last minute, there will always be an issue – no matter what. Cue my past Sunday, my husband had painted the walls in my daughters bedroom on Saturday and my Sunday plan was to put her room back together along with the brand new bed linen the we purchased on our last trip to Australia. The problem was, the twin size duvet cover we had purchased was dramatically smaller in size than the standard size duvet for sale here in Canada. I then spent 2 hours resizing and sewing the duvet to fit inside the beautiful brand new duvet cover.
  4. Make sure I have a deadline. Not a silly deadline, where I am finishing up when I am supposed to be in the meeting or people are ringing my doorbell, my own deadline without stress and working all night to achieve my result.
  5. Enlist some help if you need it, even if it’s only to bounce ideas off another person for a work project. Or if window washing or gardening is on your to-do list, can you outsource that? Be smart with your time.

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