The Secret Behind Looking Radiant & Glowing All Year Long

Regardless of the season, you deserve a wonderful, glowing and flawless complexion. Certain things may change, such as your choice of moisturizer and cleanser in order to cater to the needs your skin has during a particular season, but there are some things that remain constant. So, while it’s highly important to carefully pick and choose the products you use during different times of the year, there are skin commandments to abide by all year round if you want to achieve and maintain a healthy complexion, so let’s jump right in and snag those secrets as soon as possible.

Twice Is Better Than Once

One of the best-kept secrets of all those gals of whose complexion we’re often in awe lies in the double cleanse. When the day is over and it’s time to take off the armor, turn to your trusty cleanser and don’t stop there. After a good cleanse, head to the bathroom and grab that face. Double cleansing is vital for removing not only makeup but external factors that overbear and attack your skin daily. If you skip this step, then you’re bound to wake up to pesky unwanted acne and clogged pores, and this is definitely not on your wish list.

The Fairy Godmother

The one single thing all dermatologists can agree on is the importance of keeping the skin from the harms of sun exposure. Regardless of the season, or your age for that matter, it’s highly important that your skin feels loved and protected, and the best way to achieve that is by settling for nothing less than SPF 30. You don’t need sunblock and moisturizer, because the cosmetic industry has paid attention and now we are blessed with a huge range of amazing moisturizers with some serious SPF content, so slather on generously.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Millennial women have a reputation of not being overly concerned with the signs of aging as much as the gals from previous generations have been. While young women may not invest in anti-aging creams as much, the rumor that they don’t worry about aging couldn’t be farther from the truth. The clever millennial gals have actually re-discovered the meaning of the ‘better safe than sorry’ phrase, and instead of attacking the problem when it’s already present, they play it smart and focus on prevention.

Aside from an SPF, these gals, particularly skincare-savvy Aussie girls, turn to treatments such as peels, laser treatment and other noninvasive procedures. Aussie women are well-aware of the fact that they are not becoming any younger and that is why clinics that provide dermal fillers in Perth are especially popular. Nip the problem in the bud, because once those fine lines start rearing their ugly heads, it’s already too late.

Speaking Of

Preventative care, it’s never too early to start pampering your eyes. Another misconception is that eye cream is reserved for mature skin, but dermatologists actually highly advise that girls who are in their twenties should pay attention to this particular product. If you want radiant and glowing skin not all year long, but for many years to come, preventative care is crucial.

A Day Of Rest

For those who have a habit of wearing makeup every day, it’s time to pick a day and let your skin rest. Thick layers of cosmetics kill the natural radiance of your skin. Therefore, it’s crucial to give your skin a rest for at least a day, although a couple of times a week would be even better. On those days, wear only moisturizer, or a CC cream, some mascara, maybe a little blush and lip-gloss and take your bare skin out proudly.

Hydration On Your Mind

The thing that stands between you and glowing skin is a lack of hydration. While it’s very important to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, to keep your body as well as your skin hydrated, a little ‘afternoon delight’ will do additional wonders. The secret lies in a hydrating mist that you should always carry in your purse and just spritz a little every now and then to give your skin the hydration boost it needs. The best part is that the mist will freshen and dew you up without messing up your makeup.

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