Love Your Vibe

Happy Wednesday beauty!

Here’s another gentle reminder to not worry (as to slow you down) about those who are not on the same mission as you, heart-centred ROCKSTAR ☆ Our tribe is certainly not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’. Other tribes may not resonate with us. We CAN however love & respect ALL…whether they are our tribe or not. Let’s surround ourselves with those who truly GET us…and keep them close. Life is way easier and more fun when we do ☆

However…especially now, the world needs more love & tolerance. Please do not believe you are better than anyone. You can have a preference to spend your time with your ‘tribe’…but do not mistake that with superiority. That is much too slippery a slope. Again…find your tribe…love them hard & keep them close. Do respect & care for the rest of the world too ♡ God bless you and God bless our world.

Here to serve you…always, E

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