How To Decorate Open Floor Plan Spaces

Long gone are the days of box-like rooms and clearly defined spaces in home design. Now is the time for open floor plans where rooms freely flow into one another without any visual obstacles. But, open floor plans can be a bit hard to decorate cohesively, as well as visually overwhelming if not done right. So, here are some tips on how you can make your open floor plan home look like a functional living space.


It’s best if you choose one colour for all the walls and ceilings in the space to tie the rooms together, and then choose one accent wall colour or design for each area. For instance, you can set the kitchen apart with a different colour backsplash or put up wallpapers on one wall in the dining area. You can also make one living room wall an accent wall, but each accent you choose should go with the others and the overall main colour scheme to create that cohesive and well-thought-out look.

Create Rooms Inside Of The Room

To separate areas by their purpose without really dividing them, you can use many things such as rugs, bookcases and cabinets. However, always leave a bit of open space in between the areas to make an easy transition. For instance, you can put your dining table on a rug and leave the area around it clear for easy movement or place the living room furniture on the edges of the area. Leave at least one meter of open space between these two areas to retain that open floor plan setting. If you want to create a more traditional layout, you can use dividers such as screens and bookcases and define areas in that way.


Many people neglect lighting when designing their home interior even though it’s one of the most important decorating features. No matter how well you design your open space, bad lighting can still create a dark and confusing look even in an airy and spacious setting. When it comes to lighting, it’s best if you start by putting up recessed lights evenly across the space for a basic layer of light and then add some accent and task lights to separate different areas. Task lights, such as a chandelier above the dining table or a pendant light over the kitchen island, will not only add to the visual appeal, but will also help with the organisation of space.

Barely Visible Divisions

If you want to organise and separate a large room into smaller areas without creating real obstacles, you can always rely on the glass. It’s perfect for contemporary open floor plans because it’s transparent and smooth and can provide a great contrast when paired with wood, stone or concrete. Glass partition and sliding doors will nurture that open appeal of the room, but still provide a division. There are manufacturers of sliding doors in Sydney who can provide you with different door styles and materials. Always choose the one that best fits your overall home theme.

Open Up To The Outdoors

You can extend your open plan even further by adding an outdoor room. For example, covered porches or patios are super versatile. You can add a table and chairs for outdoor dining, kitchen appliances for cooking and grilling or some comfy hammocks for relaxing after a meal. This will not only give you more open space, but also increase your square footage, which can be great if you’re planning to sell.

If you consider these open floor decoration tips, you will create a cosy and contemporary home that’s organised, practical and visually appealing. So, embrace the openness and enjoy the freedom it brings!

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