Love Your Vibe

Happy Wednesday beauty,

An amazing thing I’ve noticed as I travel this conscious path I’m on is my lack of interest in connecting ‘on the surface’ now. I used to be all about ‘look at me…I’m all that and a bag of chips’ (secret: inside I really felt like a sham…not very worthy at all…but needing outside approval to validate my worth). As a result, I tolerated shallow, surface relationships which placated my ego…as I had not learned to connect deeply to me…love myself…and not need outside approval.

All of that is gone now. I truly will not connect with another unless it feels real and meaningful. It’s the new price of entry into my personal & biz life where I now live with ease, grace & flow ☆

Are you feeling this too? Are you sick and tired of not connecting deeply…and being truly seen in ALL your authentic glory…in key relationships in your life? Are you weary of keeping up appearances in relationships that were once OK…but now feel strained as you ‘wake up’ to the truth of your heart & soul? Or, do you feel you need to hide pieces of you in order to be accepted?

Well…if you do, you are not alone. My beautiful tribe and I are ALL awakening…and we are ALL OK…actually better than OK…we are humbly DIVINE ☆ Be blessed on your journey beautiful ♡

Here to serve you always, E

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