3 Habits To Cut The Clutter

All of us have those habits, you know that ones that seem to let stuff build up on the kitchen island or your nightstand. Then before you know it, clutter is back . Forming these 3 habits could mean the difference between a calm, uncluttered home or a messy space that you would prefer to escape from…..

Recycle And Donate Regularly

Decluttering is great, but you need to have a regular recycling and donating schedule to rid yourself and your family from unwanted and not used clothing, toys and other belongings that take up space. The easy part of decluttering is filling up plastic garbage bag or boxes full of things you don’t like, but what about when you get to perfectly serviceable items that you just don’t need. The ones that still have plenty of lifespan but are just taking up space in your home, pass them onto someone who will use and appreciate them by donating your items to a local charity.

The “One In, One Out” Rule

This is the best rule, ever. Especially for children and their toys but it works for everyone and keeps clutter at bay. BUT….You must have thoroughly decluttered your home and space first. The “One In, One Out” rule goes like this, every time you bring something new into your home another like-item goes out. Have your child make the decision of which older toy gets to go to a new home when the new gift or purchase arrives. Buy a new set of silverware or a kitchen appliance, then donate the old one.

Everything Has A Place

One of easiest organizing & to stop clutter accumulating habits to adopt is giving everything a place to “be” or a home. And returning the item back there after use. Having organized your home then implementing habits to maintaining your tidy environment by spending 20 minutes each day to returning items means not only no clutter but also less housework. So skip the junk drawer where you hide all those things you don’t know what to do with. Instead of tossing all those odds bits into the drawer, actually ask yourself whether you need to keep them at all and for what purpose. If you do really need all these miscellaneous items, then find the right kind of storage to keep them in with easy access in the right place in your home.

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