How To Choose Perfect Lights For A Bedroom

The bedroom is the most intimate room in any home. Also, it’s a personal zone often dedicated to a number of different tasks besides sleeping and rest. The lighting you choose for it should reflect its purposes and make the room both pleasant and functional. In the end, the design and the décor of the room must be taken into account as well – properly chosen lights should accent the best features of the room and help hide the less attractive ones.

Room Size

The room size is the first thing you need to consider when choosing the lights for your bedroom. The wattage needs to correspond with the size of the room and most importantly the height of the room. Start by measuring your room and multiply the width and the length. Then multiply that number with 1.5 and you’ll get the amount of wattage that you need for it. An average room is 12 X 16 ft, which means that 288 watts are enough to illuminate it properly. The number of light sources is entirely up to you and your preferences.


Light fixtures with simple lines and of neutral colors give a room a clean, slick and modern look. Have a larger chandelier over the bed to create a focal point and add a few additional fixtures depending on your needs. Wall lamps could be a great substitute for nightstand lamps and they make the room appear larger. Hang the fixtures at varying heights, and choose different shapes and sizes to make the room more interesting and dynamic. Glass shades will make the room look softer and more elegant while subtle tones go better with wood furniture.

Reading Lights

Once again, the size of the room should be the first thing to consider. Wall-mounted lights are a better solution for smaller rooms, while nightstand lights take up more space and should be installed only if you have a place to put them. Bear in mind that the light should be slightly above you when you read in order to avoid shadows and put too much strain on your eyes. This means that the lamps need to be taller and the wall lights placed higher.

Romantic Lights

Romantic bedroom lights don’t have to include large and elaborate chandeliers that first come to everyone’s mind. The room can still be contemporary in its design and remain romantic. First, don’t forget to get the lights with a dimmer switch which will help you easily change the mood of the room. Use the fixtures made out of natural materials like wood and stone in order to create a warmer, more intimate atmosphere. Also, hanging light and gauzy drapes over the windows can create a similar feeling but with natural light.

LED Lights

LED lights could be used quite effectively to create the ambiance because of their subtlety. Setting up LED lights behind your bed header will create a play of light and shadow that will add to the intimacy of the room. A skillful electrician from Sydney will finish the installation in a matter of hours and you can play with settings and adjust them to your preference. Placing the lights near the edge of the bed will casts a decorative shadow on the wall, or you can use them to illuminate your bedroom mirror.

The lights you choose for the bedroom should reflect all the ways in which the room can be used. It should be bright enough to read or work comfortably, yet peaceful enough to get well rested at the same time.

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