Essential Oils At Home ~ 5 Summer Must Try Diffuser Blends

In our home we have several cold-air diffusers, this allows us to enjoy all the benefits of essential oils, not just the smell. Candle or  warmer diffusers actually heat the oil, which means most of therapeutic benefits of essential oils are broken down and there is only the scent left. I absolutely love experimenting with recipes for the diffusers, and all types of different recipes depending on the time of the day. Today I’m sharing some of my must try “never-fail” blends.

Awake Up Time

Perfect blend to wake up with as it increases mental alertness and stimulates your brain, 4 Drops of Wild Orange + 4 Drops of Peppermint + 1 Drop of Sage or Rosemary.

Allergy Relief

To help with breathing and support your immune in allergy ridden summer months, 3 Drops of Peppermint + 3 Drops of Lemon + 3 Drops of Eucalyptus.

Cool Off

To cool you down on a hot summer day, 4 Drops of Spearmint + 4 Drops of Peppermint + 1 Drop of Lemongrass.

Relax & Slow Down

Calm your mind and relieve stress after a long day. 4 Drops of Lavender + 2 Drops of Cedarwood + 2 Drops of Vetiver + 1 Drop of Ylang Ylang.

Sleepy Time

Night time routine and to set the mood for sleep 3 Drops of Lavender + 3 Drops of Bergamot + 3 Drops of Roman Chamomile.

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