My 4 Personal Care Products That Must Be Clean & Green

We are all very aware of how important it is shop organic these days to avoid chemicals and pesticides but what about our personal care products? Our skin is our largest organ, what ingredients are in those products that we are using and applying daily? These are my 4 personal care products that must be clean and green.


Did you know that they find chemicals from conventional deodorants present in breast cancer tumours? Yes, I know that’s really frightening! I stopped using regular deodorant at least 10 years ago (after reading a magazine article in sitting doctors surgery waiting to have a lump in my armpit checked out), there were just too many nasty ingredients for me. It felt like the universe was slapping on the side of the face saying wake up. Conventional deodorants  contain all types of chemicals including aluminium. I use and love Routine Cream, it comes in several different scents. They even have a products that are baking soda free which perfect for people for sensitive to baking soda. I also saw this article on that lists 6 other great clean alternatives.


Perfume or fragrance. This is scary because on almost all beauty product label listed fragrance as an ingredient, as well as regular bottles of perfume. Did you know that perfume makers do not have disclose all the ingredients of their scent?  Why? By law they aren’t required to and also because they want their formulas to be secret, so no other company can reproduce the exact perfume. If you are like me and try to avoid parabens, beware if there is a fragrance ingredient then your product could definitely contain parabens. I skip the regular perdume and use an essential oil blend, Whisper, instead.


Regular toothpaste is filled with ingredients that can be harmful to our bodies in large doses, we brush our teeth 2 x365 days a year minimum. They are 3 main ingredients which I avoid of Sodium Fluoride, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Saccharin. Don’t forget that your oral care influences our general overall health.

While dentists have been telling us about the wonderful benefits of fluoride for years now, it’s actually a toxic substance and remember the warning label on the back of the tube which says not to sallow it!?! And don’t forget fluoride in many countries is added to the water supply. It’s been reported that a common way of making fluoride is by filtering airborne industrial waste given off by fertilizer production.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is used to create that foam you get in your mouth, it’s a detergent! And an ingredient in many shampoos which for many people is skin irritant for many people, causing skin and eye irritation. SLS alters the structure of our skin which may cause toxins to absorb more readily into your body & it’s a known aquatic toxin (think of how much is washed down our sinks every year)

Saccharin is used to sweeten the taste of many toothpastes, but in clinical studies it has been proven to cause kidney cancer in lab rats. Because of this finding it’s not common ingredient in foods today, thank goodness.


The ingredients in sunscreen are pretty nasty and some of the most irritating chemicals in beauty products, in most cases you are applying it onto your face everyday. Irritation leads to inflammation and inflammation causes aging and decline in not only your skin but your health as a whole. Did you know when they wash off you at the beach that the chemicals degrade coral? Mineral sunscreens are much safer, note – they are more difficult to rub in. If your sunscreen rubs in super easy, make sure to check the active ingredients – anything other than titanium dioxide and zinc oxide and you need to toss it in the bin.

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