How To Mix Up Furniture Styles 101

What sort of furniture combination spells out “you”? There are endless choices to customize the look of your household, and when it comes to furniture, the variety of affordable and accessible styles can help you bring out true character in the living space. In ideal case, this character becomes the natural extension of you. Be it a flamboyant eclectic mix or a cold minimalist match, here’s a small guide to mixing and matching furniture styles.

Find The Focal Point

Remember the scene from “Friends” when Joey Tribbiani stands flabbergasted when one of the paleontologists states she doesn’t own a TV? He replies with a question: “You don’t own a TV? Then what is all of your furniture pointed at?” Even though this joke is meant to further reassert Joey’s thick-headedness, believe it or not, there is some truth to that.

One of the most important things you can do before you even start mixing and matching furniture is to find the focal point for all of it. This focal point, by itself, can play an integral role in deciding the overall style you’ll be going with.

If an intricate Victorian fireplace is the focal point, then you’re likely to go with more ornate furniture and minimalist walls or, in order to accentuate the beauty of the fireplace, you go with minimalist couches of contrasting colours when compared to the texture of the fireplace. Even a coffee table can be the focal point, or you can use a particular rug to create an outline of space. This is especially useful if you have opted for open-plan living.

Say Goodbye To Matching As You Know It

The word “matching” in relation to furniture doesn’t mean what it used to a few decades ago. The crucial point in this guide that will help you work wonders should you accept it is – matching every element in the room to the same style is boring.

In fact, it’s more than boring – it has become verboten in interior design and furniture mixing. Eclectic style is all the rage now, which basically amounts to mixing up furniture elements from various periods, and of various colours, shapes and sizes to create a vibrant but aesthetically consistent room.

The question then arises – how to go eclectic without going kitsch? Well, the most important thing is to choose a single element that will be consistent across the board. For example, if you are going with mixing furniture from different periods and of different sizes, it’s advisable to choose a single predominant colour and the secondary one.

A Bit More About Those Colours

Decide on brighter colour as the primary one – dark colours will box in your room and make it appear smaller. You can also add a wall-sized mirror that will make the space appear larger and, since it reflects the already existing surfaces, it will only complement the style of the room.

Up until yesterday, it was all about gentle hues and pastel colours. In 2017, it’s all about striking jewel tones. However, you’ll have to choose whether these jewel tones will be slapped on your walls or textured in your furniture. You can’t have both at the same time – it will lead to the chaotic and tasteless look.

You Can Go Green With Your Furniture

Let’s start this one with an example – if you’re going for an aforementioned eclectic style and love to mix and match various designs, adding a bit of ecological furniture will add a rustic and calming quality to your house. Having an eco-friendly and sturdy rug in your home is all the rage now. Jute is easy to grow and doesn’t require a lot of management that can have a bad impact on the environment – they are mostly fed rainwater and they don’t need any type of fertilizers to grow.

Leather might look luxurious, but always bear in mind it’s made from animal skin. Bamboo is very easy to grow and it doesn’t have a bad impact on the environment. There’s also an endless supply of bamboo because it is such a fast-growing plant, and that makes it an ideal material for creating eco-friendly furniture which you can mix with linen rugs and table cloths, and it goes perfectly with bright-green walls.

There are many venues to go green with the furniture, so if you really wish to have “an ecologically responsible living room” you’ll need to see what options you have to choose from and what are the best furniture mixes for this kind of “statement”. You can do a lot with furniture today, and there are few styles, no matter how outlandish, which you cannot try out. The most important thing here is not to scatter your focus on other opinions, but keep it firmly balanced within yourself. A road to find the perfect furniture mix is an introspective journey.

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