Wellness ~ My Body & Mind Transformation Journey

I had a great session with Brittany on Monday, and I am excited to see what is going to unfold over the next 7 days!

We talked through my home-play from last week was which was “to be more mindful when sitting down to eat of my thoughts & feelings” and “what are the top 3 reasons I want to accomplish my goals”. I have learnt over the years not to rush my eating as the result is extremely poor digestion or not to eat when I am emotionally upset. I am not someone that eats when they are stressed just the opposite it fact, during my husbands last hospital stint I actually forgot to eat for a full 36 hours. (I hope Brittany isn’t reading this) It was also interesting to hear myself say that I wanted to grow and learn more, as one of my 4 goals is to “calm my mind“. Mind clutter affects us all just as much as the physical clutter that surrounds us. Living joyfully with purpose and not be bagged down with “mind” baggage is going to be me this week!

Below is the Action Guide for this week, which I have started to fill in.  One of my anchors is deep breathing as it always calms me & balances out my feelings, so my plan for this week is to not only breathe deeply when I need to but always mindfully throughout the day. And remembering not to have judgement with making my choices, rather to ask myself – “Am I making the best choice for myself in this moment”.

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