Love Your Vibe

Happy Wednesday beauty!

Who WERE you before they told you who you SHOULD be? I was an entertainer…told I should be medical professional. I experienced 2 careers and 27 years of inauthentic living.

Through a ‘blessed breakdown’ in the last 2 years of my glam 6 figure corporate career, I finally broke away to live MY truth as an artist and a coach…serving my beautiful tribe to connect with THEIR truth and take their passion to the highest possible place ☆

I am actually grateful for those 27 years now.  I realize now that My Story was destined to play out that way as I learned valuable business skills I now need as an entrepreneur during those years.  I am also able to inspire my clients with the “It’s NEVER too late to live the life of your dreams’ Miracle Mindset ♡ This past Sunday…my jazz band launched our debut album GLOBALLY! Dreams really CAN come true ☆

If you LOVE jazz & inspiration, please download your album HERE

What is YOUR dream ROCKSTAR?

Here to serve you always, E

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