Going With The Flow

I love my morning routine, even if it doesn’t all go according to plan and I have to adapt along the way to make it all happen.

There is nothing worse than having a plan that makes you feel exhausted even to get the basics accomplished…. I recently read a routine that had been posted on social media which went like this 5.30AM meditation, 6AM work out, 6.30AM green smoothie, 6.45AM dry brushing, 7AM shower, 7.30AM read emails & check-in on social media, etc., plus about 10 thousand other things in a regime every 15 minutes till about 10AM. Everything had to go to plan or her day & mood was ruined. I was exhausted just reading it!

I squeeze a lot into my mornings, but it has to flow in a good way and I want to feel like I am present in the moment for those yoga breathes, otherwise what’s the point of doing it?!? My life in general is very scheduled and I am good with that, actually that is my operating style. I love structure and thrive on organization & lists but I am totally into the idea of adapting to be totally present in each moment though. Sometimes my yoga can’t happen first thing in the morning due to a 5am flight or a sick child but later in the day I take some time to stretch & breathe and my body always thanks me for it. Domestic chores also have a place in my morning but if there is a hiccup, I just ride the wave of mindful flexibility and everything always balances out. Stressing about it or raising my blood pressure won’t make any difference to the outcome.

What about you? Why not open up the possibilities in your routine? Craving eat breakfast on your balcony? Meditate or go running with a friend? Follow your body and mind instead of automatically saying no. Can your husband give the children breakfast so you can head out or plan a family picnic breakfast on Saturday morning? We all have enough commitments to keep each day, so being felxibile enough to go with the flow will allow you to stay the moment for longer.

I would love to hear from you and your thoughts…..

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