Don’t Pitch It! Paint It!

Whether you have plastic Adirondack chairs, metal or wood outdoor furniture they can become sun bleached over time or rusty and chipped from wear or leaving out in the elements over winter and look awful. Don’t pitch it to the curb! Bringing life and colour back to your outdoor furniture is as easy as a can of spray paint and a little bit of your time.

I’ve repainted all of my outdoor furniture over the years when they start to show wear. This summer my plastic Adirondack chairs looked very faded and blah. Instead of buying new ones (which my hubby had the nerve to even mention to me haha) I went to my local hardware store and picked up some bright and cheery spray paints to spruce them up! My personal choice to use on plastics and metals is Rustoleum 2X cover (nothing wrong with Krylon either, I just liked the colours Rustoleum has).

Make sure your surface to be painted is clean and dry beforehand. Do a light sand or scrape any loose paint off your project piece (wear a mask so you’re not breathing in overspray). Make sure it’s not a humid or windy day and use a tarp or old bed sheets to catch any overspray (depending on where you’re painting). I use the old corrugated plastic signs my hubby gets from our local Mac’s Milk store as they’re reusable, easy to store in the shed and are great to block overspray and the wind if it does pick up (plus they’re not ending up in landfill!). I used two cans of spray paint for two same coloured chairs. The plastic lids I put in my blue box for recycling and I save up the empty cans to take to the next Hazardous Waste Day to be properly recycled. Once again my hubby said “wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy new chairs for the cost of the paint?”(I know he says these things to get me going ha,ha). Of course I could, but then again where do you think all that plastic is going to end up sitting for the next few hundred years? That shut him up 😉

Remember the 3 R’s….REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE!

Happy painting,  Hope

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