It’s Your Time To Be Fabulous ~ Part 1

The pressure to stave off the ravages of time grows even greater these days, as pop culture proclaims 30 is the new 20 and 50 the new 30. When 30 was 30 you expected certain visible signs of aging such as smile lines worry creases and the elevens between your eyebrows. By 40’s wrinkles are more established and deeper-crows feet, corners of your mouth start turning down which are appropriately named the marionette lines. Then the 50’s and 60’s roll in, now criss-cross lines on your once smooth cheeks etched in with every passing birthday!

Should I continue? It sounds pretty depressing to me, but wait, much of these aging symptoms can be prevented! And way less expensive and painful than correction with injections and harmful chemicals.

What Is A Wrinkle?

Each one of us acts differently to our own “aging face”, mine is my eyes, please no more sagging eyelids and crows feet! Did you know, actually that there are different classifications of wrinkles? Fine lines are caused by sun damage, smoking or both which leads to degeneration of collagen and elastin fibers.

What can we do about it? We must choose treatments that target the upper layers of our skin or in beauty terms “our epidermis”. Our exclusive “European Energy Facial” is a perfect example for enabling cells in the epidermis to “talk to each other”. This treatment causes a specific response for building collagen that repairs and replenishes the skin. Using topical treatments rich in anti aging peptides like our “Ultimate Anti Aging Serum” is a key product for repair at a cellular level. A skin care regime and regular professional facials are the simplest and best place to start repairing and, or preventing new lines from forming.

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