Wellness ~ My Body & Mind Transformation Journey

So, I have started a 90 day Body & Mind Transformation with holistic practitioner and health coach Brittany Bird. I have blessed to know Brittany for some time now, having many BodyTalk and even some ONDAMED sessions with her. Because of Brittany’s understanding and work with energy medicine, I felt we would be a good fit together. My plan is to share my weekly session notes and journey with you.

Monday was our “Breakthrough Session” so we had a 45 minute call and a few days earlier I had completed my client intake form outlining my diet, physical health regime and mental dialogue. This is a really important step, as both client and coach need to feel like the relationship in anchored in the right way. We discussed what I wanted to achieve over the next 90 days and to confirmed that we both felt we wanted to work together.

More Energy
I would love to have more energy, not hit that 2-3pm slump that I will happen on most days.

Calm My Mind
I am an “over-thinker” and I find it very hard to quiet my mind, I am wake up between 3-4am with all the thoughts of the day in my head.

Digestive Issues
I have significantly changed up my diet which has made a huge difference in my quality of life but, I don’t really need to explain this one do I?

Body Aches & Pains
I suffer from lower lumber & hips, knee & ankle, and neck pain. Yes, I know it’s called age but Yoga has really helped with this and I want to explore more options especially with BodyTalk.

These were the 4 things that I want to concentrate on with Brittany, I have already done plenty of work myself on each of these issues, making huge improvements but I still feel like I am missing that last piece to pull it all together and create my overall health and wellness.

I have my next call already scheduled for next Monday morning, my Program Agreement has been returned and my “home play” for this week is to be more mindful when sitting down to eat of my thoughts and feelings. I’m actually writing my thoughts down, taking the time to concentrate on the task at hand actually allows me to explore the situation fully rather than just brushing it off.  I have also been asked to brain storm a list to bring to our session next Monday, “what are the top 3 reasons I want to accomplish my goal”.

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