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Happy Wednesday beauty!

Today I choose to honour a fierce & beloved coach/mentor…the one and only Kendra Thornbury, as I’m in such a state of blissful gratitude ♡ You see, one of my dear clients Hina Mahindru…a beautiful Transformational Writing Coach (who incidently graced my stage at the world class Jazz Bistro this past Sunday July 16th) just gave me the most powerful testimonial I have ever received in my 7 years of being a coach. My cup overflows!

In turn, I was simply inspired to pay it forward, as I read one of Kendra’s Instagram posts today which spoke volumes to me. I lifted this one snippet to create this meme. I truly believe that as we quiet down the outside voices (parents, spouses, friends, society) and get very clear & present to our own beautiful truth… and simply keep taking steps that are in complete alignment with our truth…our fear fades.

It’s quite miraculous really. Please check out to learn about this powerful goddess ☆

Oh…I have a few spots left for my monthly Complimentary Clarity Calls. Please click here to book, if you resonate with my shares…and know you deserve MUCH more from your one precious life, ROCKSTAR ☆

Always At Your Service, E

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