8 Tips To Becoming A Morning Person

My Story

Coming from my last year’s self, mornings were not my favourite. When that alarm went off I’d dreadfully peep one eye open and hit snooze until I absolutely had to get up. This cycle led me to feel rushed, anxious, poorly prepared and it definitely wasn’t a positive  start to the day. I always struggled with physically getting out of bed, but once I was up I was fine. You too? It really is all a mental thing and of course what time you went to bed the night before matters.

Early Riser: When I’d wake up early, my day from start to finish felt great – mentally and physically. VS Night Owl: What was I really getting done late night besides watching TV and scrolling through social media? Is that really how I want to spend my spare time given there are so many hours in a day? No. So what the hell Angelynn, BE BETTER.

Real Talk

I decided to start setting weekly goals – one of them was go to the gym in the morning (before work) 3+ times a week. Yes, the first few times was haaaaard but I got my a$$ out of bed and made it happen because there was no way I was losing to my own goal! Side note- writing your goals down is life changing, I highly suggest everyone sets weekly goals. I noticed a difference in my mood, body and productivity. This feeling completely shifted the way I felt about mornings and ultimately changed my lifestyle for the better. I understand that there will be days I skip my early morning routine, I don’t beat myself up over it, I just don’t fall into my old habits.

8 Tips To Becoming A Morning Person

  1. Go To Bed Earlier – Well, duh but what if I’m not tired? Our body is on a clock, we have the ability to train it how we want. If you suck it up and get up early that one day, you will be tired earlier at night. Personally, I’d rather be up an hour early in the morning than up an hour later at night.
  2. Everything Off – Cut out TV before bed. Why? TV is the most stimulating activity without actually moving, making it hard to shut down the brain and nervous system. Turn things down/off to start slowing down and mentally preparing for sleep. Try reading a book before bed or mediating to relax and unwind.
  3. Alarm Across The Room – My phone is my alarm so I put it across the room (it’s not good to sleep close to your phone), forcing me to get out of bed and turn it off. When you’re alarm is an arm’s reach away, it’s easy to roll over, turn it off and keep on snoozin.
  4. Don’t Snooze  Speaking of snoozing, when you hear that alarm take a moment, go turn it off and then get the day started right away. Hitting snooze and going back to sleep will make you even more tired as it interrupts your body’s natural sleep cycle.
  5. Natural Sunlight – Oh yes. Especially in Canada right now, the spring/summer months have the sun rising so much earlier, it’s honestly amazing to wake up to. So open up those blinds and let the natural light in.
  6. Sweat – This is the main reason I get out of bed early in the morning. What better way to start your day than a good sweat? Incentive: Early morning exercise can help boost your energy, metabolism and essentially help with weight loss. The key is to make it a workout you look forward to, mine changes with the way I feel, the seasons and how much time I have! I make a schedule of my week on Sundays so I know each day what I am doing so there are no room for excuses.
  7. Prepare – One thing that seriously saves me in the AM is preparing for my morning the night before. I pack my gym bag, PROTEIN breakfast/lunch, make my lemon water, get out my matcha and lay out my vitamins. HUGE time saver.
  8. Pep Talk – “I’m not a morning person” is all a bunch of BS! It’s all in your head, you can train your mind and body to do anything, you just need to work for it. Coming from someone who was the exact opposite of a morning person last year, I BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT. So give yourself that pep talk, write a motivating note beside your bed, plan to meet a friend at the gym so you’re held accountable. Do what works for you and get it done!!

I hope these tips help! When you shift your mindset and start thinking of it as being able to wake up and live one more hour of your day, it changes your perspective. I challenge you to try it for a week and see.

I’d love to hear your morning rituals!

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