Nourish Your Soul: Get Your Zen On

In this day and age, it’s very hard for anyone to live in the present moment. The modern man is fraught with worries each and every day, and through that anxious fretting and stress, we lose our way and become tired of living. We all have to bear heavy burdens and pay a steep price just to maintain this current lifestyle of fast-paced consumerist hell we find ourselves in. We work until we are dog tired so we’d have more money to buy more things. And that’s all we want – more things, usually those we don’t even need.

So is it any wonder that our souls are unsettled, that we are unsatisfied? Being zen means finding peace, it means living in the present moment. But in order to do that, we first need to learn how to let go of all the worries that plague us, and focus on what’s right in front of us.

Never Ignore Feelings

Stop swallowing your negative emotions. While it’s not always an appropriate time or place for us to express everything we feel, locking it away and pushing it under the rug will only make that ugliness bubble up and explode when you least expect it. All feelings need to be processed, so find a few quiet moments in your day to think about things that made you mad, or hurt you. Think about why this makes you feel that way does, and what you can do to resolve it. Then take a deep breath, and let it go. Storing negativity will only poison your soul in long run.

Practice Yoga

Physical exercise can be like a balm to a troubled mind. One of the best ways to relax is through yoga, as it combines meditation, body postures and breathing techniques to help you align your mind and body and bring it into balance. This can be a lifestyle, a form of escape that’s very good at soothing worries and easing pain. Some research even shows yoga to have the ability to slightly alter your genes. There are many things you can do to improve your practice and make it even more effective. Accessories like the ones by Sivana Spirit are quite handy when it comes to motivating you to find peace and stay regular with your exercising. You can also attend yoga classes and have an experienced guru help you learn all the asanas and correct your posture and breathing as you go through them.

Take Care Of Your Body

You’re probably no stranger to being exhausted and achy. You guzzle down coffee every day, you push yourself past your limits, and you always forget to take care of your body so you’re left feeling sickly. But your body is a temple to your mind, and your soul cannot rest if you are constantly under strain. You need to learn how to take care of yourself, to pause long before you reach the breaking point. Eat well, exercise, stay hydrated and create habits that will preserve your health. You won’t know how important that is until you’ve lost it.

Visualize A Soothing Image

When the world becomes overwhelming and you feel like you’re about to snap, take a deep breath and think about a place where you’d want to be. Practice when you’re alone, create an image that relaxes you – a cottage in the woods, with your own garden, or perhaps an empty beach, or even an evening with your family. Take this picture and let it shield you from bad situations and tension.

Have A Mantra

Anything can be a mantra. A word, a sentence, your favourite poem or quote. Find words that motivate you, something that will make you remember your goals. Turn to your mantra when you need comfort, or when you need to keep your cool in a stressful situation. Keeping zen is all about finding loveliness and grace in a messy world. Your soul longs for beauty and peace, so allow yourself to pause occasionally and take time to fully appreciate everything around you.

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