A Simpler Life ~ The Blahs

Do you ever have those days when you are off balance? You know when things just don’t come together for you, it’s not that you are ill or fighting off a cold, it’s just the blahs. How do you make yourself feel better? These are the 5 ways I try to shake off those days.

Always Start With Movement

I start my day with 30 minutes of movement, it gets my metabolism started and those endorphins going. Yoga is my favourite way to start the day. I really notice the difference when I don’t put the effort in to make it happen, during my recent trip to Australia my body clock and schedule were completely askew so I wasn’t consistently making time for yoga or my 30 minutes of exercise. Note to self – make the time not matter what.

Get That To-Do List Done

Being productive makes me feel better, being able to get my everyday basic chores completed plus achieve another couple of things off my to-do list always changes up my frame of mind for the better. My daily to-do list encompasses many household tasks which make my interior surroundings clean and clutter free, I thrive in organized spaces.

Spending Time Outside Time

There’s something about being outside in the sunshine, surrounded by trees & flowers, chirping birds and the other simple sounds of nature which that makes me feel grounded and connected. My back garden is small but there is plenty of greenery, room for a table & 6 chairs, a lovely 8 seater lounging area, a bird feeder and fountain. I am very fortunate because of where I live to have many species of birds, a family of bunnies (their burrow is under one of the perimeter boxwood hedges), squirrels and chipmunks visit my garden daily.

Being Creative

Being creative for me means stimulating my own happiness. I spark the creativity inside me by painting, reading an inspiring book or starting a new sewing project. My headspace goes somewhere else as I become more engrossed in the task at hand, I forget about what wasn’t right with my day, instead concentrating on the joy from creating something new and beautiful.

Expressing Gratitude

Expressing gratitude for everything that I have in my life always takes me to the right headspace. My family & I live in a wonderful home & neighbourhood, have access to an abundance of clean running water & nutritious food, are surrounded by loving family & friends, for the most part have good health (my husband does have a chronic disease, that at times can be very debilitating but we live in country with excellent health care) and have all the freedoms of a democratic society. Complaining isn’t really is acceptable is it, especially when so many of my complaints would be #firstworldproblems.

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