9 Cool And Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Backyard

Are you having trouble with upgrading your outdoor spaces? Do you want to have a perfect backyard without spending a lot of money? Then you’re at the right place.

Upgrading and maintaining a dream backyard takes a lot of work, but don’t let that stop you from making your dream backyard! Consider doing some of these upgrades listed below, and you’ll be enjoying your outdoor space in no time!

Get Rid Of Grass

If you’re tired of mowing grass all summer, simply scrap your lawn and start growing your own food. Ditching backyard greenery for homegrown foods is not a simple task, but it’s a doable one. Start with small patches of the yard and work up to larger areas over time. Taking care of veggies and fruit is much easier and satisfying than moving grass, and as a bonus, you’ll have fresh produce on your kitchen table every day!

Make A Movie Screen

An outdoor movie screen is a great idea, and it’s rather simple. If you have friends who like to come over and chill in your backyard with you, then just buy a projector, or tell your friend to bring one, and put your whitest linen sheet on the wall in the backyard. If the wall is already white, then you don’t even need to use the sheets!

Build A Fire Pit

Fire pits don’t have to be large to be great. Forget all about those big, expensive fire pits and opt for a tabletop DIY pit. Simply choose some bricks or even stones that are not too big, add some mortar to hold them together and that’s it! Just make sure that you have a sturdy grate to keep the fire in!

Use Old Things In A New Way

If you don’t have chairs in your backyard, or you simply want to make it look more informal, so to speak, then don’t be afraid to use old buckets and cinder blocks. Choose spray paint that you like and paint those buckets and cinder blocks in a couple of minutes. Let them dry and, from now on, use them as chairs!

Shade A Particular Area

No one said that backyards have to be bathed in sunlight. Create a shade by stringing a wire or a rope from one tree to another and add curtains. If you can, use curtains made with grommets at the top, because then you’ll be able to slide them from side to side whenever you want to.

Install A Swimming Pool

As we all know swimming is a great exercise, but swimming is also incredibly fun. If you want to relax like a boss in your backyard, then you have to build or install a swimming pool. If you’re looking to install an indoor swimming pool, then there are three options – concrete, vinyl liner, and fiberglass. Most people opt for the latter because fiberglass pools are simple and easy to install.

Pools made out of fiberglass are factory molded, and they drop right into a hole. They’re not just easy to install. They need fewer chemicals than other pools, and also have significantly better temperature retention.

Make A Wooden Deck

If you don’t mind cleaning, then opt for wood when choosing the materials for your new deck. Wooden decks need to be restained now and then, and even though they’re not easy to clean, they offer a natural look, and they’re 30% cheaper that the rest. According to Kompareit.com, cedar wood deck will cost $30 or more per square foot. A composite deck will cost $30 to $45 per square foot installed.

Go Vertical

Put some plants on your walls. Blank walls can benefit enormously from the addition of the vertical gardens. Display your collection of plants by putting them on the walls and impress your friends and neighbors!

Use LED Lights

Light up and transform your backyard by using cheap LED lights. These lights are more expensive than regular lights, but they also save energy and your money at the same time.

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