Wanting To Sell Your Condo This Summer?

Are you wanting to sell your condo this summer? Make sure you appeal to potential buyers with the appropriate staging for the warmer weather, remember you are selling a lifestyle.

  1. Staging your balcony is very important, warm weather means entertaining outside. Make the most of your outdoor space by having it scrupulously clean, add a table & chairs, maybe a hanging chair, an outdoor umbrella, colourful cushions & pillows, pots of flowers with a portable grill (if possible). Add a wine bucket, bottle of wine and glasses to the table on the open house day.
  2. Make sure all your glass  doors and windows are sparkling clean, change out your drapes from heavy winter cloth to breezy sheers allowing all the sunlight to stream in.
  3. Decorate all your rooms in light colours, absolutely swap out those fur throws for warm weather cotton and linen mixes. Add scented candles in fragrant summery smells. Depending on your personal style, adding some coffee table accessories like white coral and seashells or tropical leaves and stems.
  4. Exchange your bathroom linens and bedding for summer whites and light vibrant hues.
  5. Choose bouquets of flowers to place around your space in summer blooms like Peonies, Hydrangeas, Sunflowers and Dahlias and in large crystal vases or white ironstone.

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