9 Tips To Keep Your Health & Fitness On Track Over The Summer

We look forward to Summer all year! We even spend more time at the gym or being active and eating better to trim down for the season! Once the summer starts, we become more social. We eat more, drink more and believe it or not become less active.   You would think it would be the opposite but we get caught up in hanging out more than moving! We eat out more or enjoy barbeques more without a second thought about the whole “calories in calories out” theory.

Remaining active and eating healthy can be very easy if you are mindful of a few things. These things are actually enjoyable and easy to put into action! Here are 9 tips to help you keep on track this Summer that will make the season even better!


Yes hydration is key to healthy weight loss and for much more! Water helps keep your energy levels up which in turn will make you want to be more active. It also helps with many biological processes that happen within your body. Digestion, elimination, stabilizing blood sugar and relieving what we think is hunger but really it is dehydration. Add lemons and limes. Or even add berries and other fruits for some flavor. Lime and mint is a great refreshing thing to add to water to help encourage you to get your 3 liters in a day! I suggest increasing water intake by 2 glasses a day for one week then the next week add another 2 etc. Adding 2 liters of water extra per day can be a bit much for the system and it can turn you off from drinking it. Add slowing and see how much better you feel. The heat can dehydrate you fast so make sure you have water on hand at all times. If you drink caffeinated beverages remember that gets rid of water so for each glass of caffeine drink 1 glass of water. Choose water over juices and sodas! The empty calories aren’t going to benefit you.


Summer is the time to get outside and enjoy the nice weather and get some Vitamin D! As mentioned we become more social. With that is more food and drink.   Pick restaurants that are within walking distance or park further away and walk. Enjoy a brisk walk or bike ride every day and include your family. If you go to the beach bring a ball to throw around or Frisbee. Play volleyball or go swimming several times. Join an outdoor recreational sport that you enjoy. There are so many options to stay active during the summer.   If you don’t want to go indoors again after work to the gym, then choose an activity outside. You can even do outdoor boot camps or use a workout that can be done outside easily.


There is nothing better than eating fresh organic in the summer when they are in season! Choosing a local organic berry is best. It supports your local farmers and berries are definitely one fruit that should be organic. The delicate skin on the berries allows pesticides to get into the fruit. No amount of washing will get rid of the chemicals on the berries! For a great outdoor activity to do with the family, go to a farm and pick your own strawberries! Go enjoy the outdoors and allow your family to enjoy fresh quality foods! You can freeze them and make smoothies!!! So many options!


You will find with the heat, you may not want heavy meals or hot foods. What I have noticed with my clients is they end up skipping meals. Which isn’t great either. Your best option is choosing a fresh mixed green salad! It is refreshing and it has a high water content which is great for the hot weather! The vegetables are in season so you get better quality veggies! Add some avocado and some of the berries you bought! Choose and oil and vinegar dressing. Summer salads are the best and great with dinner.


One of the best things is the local outdoor markets! All fresh vegetables and fruits from farmers locally! You not only get great quality produce but you support your local farmers. The fresher and more in season a fruit and vegetable are the better it tastes. The less chemicals and pesticides on them the better they taste. Smaller farms typically aren’t using chemicals like your mass producers do. It is also a great outing. Take a walk to the market and back. Great exercise and very rewarding to come back with healthy foods to make for lunch or dinner.


Don’t avoid going out with friends and family! Enjoy a dinner out and time with people you care about. But be realistic. If you eat out 2-3 times a week or do barbeques all the time and ate whatever you wanted, this can lead to extra lbs! This is where staying active helps but you still can’t out train bad habits. So choose a couple outings as your “I’m going to enjoy the hell out of this meal” and the others choose something a bit lighter! There are so many options in Restaurants now. Choose something that is nutritious and fulfilling mentally. If you eat a burger and fries or ribs and potato salad all week, eventually you start feeling defeated mentally. Don’t do that to yourself. Food isn’t bad! Enjoy it but don’t over eat or overdo it!


Yes I know!!!! The one joy of patios, barbeques and dinners out with friends and family. A few drinks! There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a few drinks. But it does add up if you are doing it several times a day. Remember each drink you have ranges from 150-300 calories each. If you had 4 in one night that is 600 – 1200 calories extra per day. If you go out and do that 3 times a week that is 1800 – 3600 calories extra a week so there is a lb of fat! Yes again activity will help but if you sit all day at work and only get in an activity a couple times a week, the in will still exceed the out! These empty calories are killer in over eating!


During the summer we are always out and about. Enjoy festivals and other outdoor activities. Being prepared is key! Pack healthy snacks and lunches, bring it with you! Use a cooler to bring fruits and veggies, water, salads and wraps! Part of what makes us get off track is not being prepared. We grab convenience foods which ends up being less than favorable to nourish your body. Bringing water will also help you stay hydrated! Just in case you can’t find bottles of water to buy while out.


If you are travelling a lot or at the cottage a lot, go for hikes, walks or swim. This is a great way to get the heart rate up! If you enjoy more structured workouts there are so many options, including my travel workout.

One of the best joys in life is travelling. Spending time at the cottage or your vacation home in the winter. It might be a quick trip to the next town for a business conference or a massive adventure halfway around the world for months at a time.  No matter what kind of trip it is, one thing is certain:

Our normal routines get completely thrown out the window when traveling, but we don’t want to ruin our fitness progress and current routine but sometimes a gym is just not available to us.

The workout is designed to be good for people of all fitness levels. You get 2 full-body workouts and a bonus HIIT workout. This gives you 3 workouts a week and you can progress through movements. A travel workout gives you the plan and the tools to stay on track while at the cottage, travelling for work or pleasure.

I designed this workout so you could easily workout where ever you are. All you need is THREE pieces of equipment that are easy to pack and weigh next to nothing! Amazing right! And how can this be!? If you have any questions please message me hello@carmenshawn.com

You now have many tips to help you stay on track this Summer! Enjoy the benefits of what the beautiful weather brings in a way that nourishes your body and mind. I hope this helps you get through the next few months staying active and healthy!

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