5 Ways To Add Glamour To Your Space

Glamour is about having an air of allure, a space that is both sophisticated and elegant. Evoking a glamorous mood with shiny surfaces, rich finishes, texture, and luxe looking furnishings.

Your Walls 

Add millwork, extra wide trim or crown moulding to your walls and ceiling. Try covering a feature wall in a luxurious handmade wallpaper with a reflective or textured finish or paint your walls white as they make a wonderful backdrop to any ornate mirror.

Chandeliers & Dramatic Lighting

Hang chandeliers to add a glamorous formality to your home. Tiered, traditional or modern looking Venetian glass chandeliers give always give any room atmosphere and drama. Wall sconces are a great way to achieve the glam vibe and don’t forget your spaces need to have some lighting on a dimmer.


Search for unique pieces for your home. Choose furniture and items that are one of a kind for a personal touch in your space, don’t forget that antiques can be mixed with modern pieces.

Mirrors & Reflective Surfaces

Whether it’s a gilded frame or gold mirror, make sure every room shines with at least 1 oversized mirror. Not only do mirrors add glamour but they make your room seem larger and more spaciousMirrored furniture and accessories provide reflective surfaces that make a room feel luxurious and elegant.

Drapery & Textiles

Long lush curtains that break on the floor or even pool in a heavy silks and linens are wonderful choices. Drapery can also be a great way to add colour into your space, so think of more than just pale cream and try fabrics with metallic finish. Upholstering furniture in a luxurious fabric can make a piece look much more expensive while pillows dressed up with trim and fur in various textures of fur, silk, and velvet are a must.

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