Healthy Eating Habits That Can Cause Bloating

For some of us, whether we eat gluten free or not, no matter how much cardio we do, crunches we manage to accomplish or vegetables we consume – we still have the dreaded bloat. Bloating isn’t natural and there are dietary changes you can make. Don’t forget our digestive systems can be very sensitive, so some of what we think are “healthy” eating habits we have developed can be the cause of the belly bloat.

Cabbage & Kale

That wonderful schredded cabbage, kale and pumpkin seed salad that provides our bodies with protein, fibre, iron and antioxidants can definitely be giving you the bloat. Kale is in high fructans which is fiber molecules found in carbohydrates, unfortunately in can’t be absorbed by our small intestine, so these molecules are pushed into the very end of our digestive system. Fermentation causes by bacteria there can cause all abdominal pain and bloating. FYI – beans, brussels sprouts, onions and garlic are also high in fructans.

Eating Fruit After Meals

Fruit is healthy food group is it offers our bodies a huge array of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and of course fiber. Fruit sugars are super easy for our bodies to digest and give us an instant source of energy. But eating fruit after your meal means that your digestive system can’t begin to process them till it’s finished digesting your meal first. So those fruit sugars are forced to sit in your stomach which causes them to ferment and produce hydrogen gas. Hydrogen gas causes abdominal pain, cramps and the dreaded bloat.

Nut Milks

Nut milk can definitely be the culprit to some of the belly bloat. Many almond milk brands contain an ingredient called carrageenan which is a thickening agent, it has been proven to that has been found to cause many gastrointestinal issues even stomach ulcers. There lots of companies making dairy free and carrageenan free milks or you can also get out your Vitamix and make you own nut milk.

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