Household Habits For A Well Kept Home

Do you find yourself making excuses for why friends “who were just in the neighbourhood” can’t just call in? Or feel embarrassed when unexpected guests enter your home? Imagine having a home which could be company ready with 10 minutes notice, regular habits and a daily schedule will give you a well kept home that you are proud to share with friends.

Make Your Bed

Always make your bed every morning or at least before you leave the house. This simple act sets you off on a note of accomplishment that’s likely to carry through the rest of the day.

Empty The Dishwasher In The Morning

Empty the dishwasher in the morning and be ready for the day, it makes it easy to load in the breakfast dishes and an easy dinner cleanup at night, which means no dishes stacked up in the sink throughout the day.

Do At Lease 1 Load Of Laundry Every Day

Having a regular schedule for your laundry ensures that you’re washing basket doesn’t become overflowing and an all encompassing chore. Are you an early riser? Doing your laundry in the morning might be for you or others prefer to accomplish this very easy task in the evenings.

Always Put Away Your Clothes

Don’t just drop your clothes on the chair or floor in your bedroom after a long work day when changing into you’re lounging clothes. Take the time to place them in laundry hamper, fold or hang them.

Clean Up As You Go

Minimize the mess by cleaning as you go. Load the dishwasher with dirty dishes as you are preparing meals or baking then at least half of the clean up is done before you serve dinner. Give the kitchen and dining room floor a quick sweep, swifter or vacuum after dinner to pick up any excess crumbs.

Don’t Go To Bed & Leave A Dirty Kitchen

Never go to bed after a dinner party and leave a dirty kitchen. Take care of all the kitchen cleanup that night – clean pots & pans, stack the dishwasher, hand wash any delicate china and wipe down the counters. Face the new day with a clean kitchen ready to prepare a wholesome breakfast.

The Nightly Sweep & Preparation

Every night before bed walk through each room and do a quick sweep and return any out of place items to their proper home. Straighten cushions & fold throws, stack books & magazines, tidy toys, prepare for the next day by setting the breakfast table and sorting out lunch boxes.

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