Ask Leonie ~ The Beauty Products I Take On My Travels

I posted this photograph showing what was in my carry-on bag for my journey to Brisbane a couple weeks ago in one of my A Few of Our Favourite Things posts. I received dozens of emails about the Beauty Green Botanicals beauty products and the Routine De-Odor-Cream, I only use completely natural organic products which contain no chemicals or toxins – so here is a brief summary of my favourites.

Ultra Nourishment Cream Cleanser

I always start my morning off with my favourite cleanser it smells of passionfruit & coconut, which is actually exotic organic butters which are very rich in their revitalizing benefits. The scent makes me feel like I’m on holidays in the islands everyday, I love this cleanser as it removes any dirt and impurities from my super sensitive skin while keeping it calm and not the slightest bit inflammed.

Nature’s Nectar Antioxidant Toner

Toner tends to be a product that many people don’t understand why they use it, use the wrong one and then stop using it altogether. This toner makes my skin feel light and soft, no tight feeling or redness. It also smells great! Remember after cleansing to apply your toner and allow it to soak in and completely dry before going on to the next step of your serum or treatment oil.

Youth Shield Serum

I am completely in love with this stuff! I use it every morning after cleansing and toning my face. My skin is clearer, the little fine lines around my eyes are reduced & those dark circles under my eyes that I just detest are much lighter and slowly fading away. It’s actually made from natural organic ingredients, pure NASHA grade hyaluronic acid, Matrixyl, Matrixyl 3000 which is the superstar mix of ingredients for anti-aging.

Barrier Builder Protection Balm

My skin is super sensitive and prone to redness, while also tending to be dry especially on my cheeks and forehead. Barrier Builder has anti-inflammatory ingredients which help soothe red or irritated skin to protect it from dryness. I use it morning and night during spring, summer and fall – making my skin soft, dewy and hydrated. I swap to a deeper moistizing creme for winter.

Zit Zapper

This little bottle of pink liquid/paste evaporates the blemish every time, usually overnight!!! I find especially when travelling, that I tend to get 1 or 2 spots due to the change in temperature and the cabin pressure when flying. I apply a tiny bit of Zit Zapper with a cotton tip on the spot before bed and rinse off the next morning  and blemish gone.

Routine De-Odor-Cream

Clean, gluten free and natural ingredients in cream/paste rub-on deodorant, that actually works! My choice of Blackberry Betty is baking soda free with coconut oil, kaolin clay, corn starch, shea & cocoa butters, calendula, vitamin E, neem oil with dietary magnesium.

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