Be The Best Dressed Guest At Those Summer Parties

Summer is a synonym for beach fun, weddings, pool parties, outdoor cocktail parties, even day parties. This in turn inevitably begs the question – what to wear, or more to the point, what to wear in order to look, feel, and even be voted best dressed at ever given occasion. Of course, there is no contest and there will be no announcements, but you will know and so will everyone else there. To that end, a helpful hand is always welcome to steer you in the right direction and make you an A-list dresser this summer party season.


The Wedding Bells

There are so many unspoken rules and ‘regulations’ when it comes to putting together the right look when attending a wedding. The dress should of course, not be white (this is the ultimate wedding crime). It should also not be overly revealing or too body-hugging, as to not be too attractive or even worse, appear a tad vulgar. Weddings are definitely a tricky business, but there is no room for despair. The perfect combination of sexy, classy and chic is out there, and this season your best bet lies in a midi off-the-shoulder, semi-sheer lace dress in that gorgeous and flattering mint hue. It shows just enough skin to keep things interesting, without looking provocative and the combination of lace and pastels will make you ethereal. For and additional touch of romance, go with nude strappy sandals with a satin ankle strap and a mini metallic clutch. You will be the talk of the party in the most positive way.


Fun By The Pool

When everyone else goes left, you go right; more specifically, when everyone else goes for the oh, so casual cut-off denim shorts and off the shoulder crop-tops, you take things up a notch and take the playsuits route. While maintaining a sense of casualness, and showing the equal amount of skin, with a black, or better yet a white boho playsuit you will be the embodiment of effortless chic. That’s the magical feature of a great playsuit – you never look either over or under-dressed and that is why there is no risk of making a mistake when you go with this garment. Top it off with a pair of vibrant red or electric blue sandals (for easier mingling and dancing). Clutches are great, but at a party you want your hands to be free and that is why the equally stylish but much more helpful choice is to be found in a sling bag. A loose side-braid, a gold pendant and bracelet, and you’ve got yourself a winning combo.


Glitter, Glitter Everywhere

An event that in terms of formalness is somewhere between a wedding and a pool party is a classy outdoor party. Whatever the occasion, here you don’t have to worry about upstaging anyone; actually in this case, your goal should be to outshine the rest. For this event go all out, and that means take a walk on the glitter side. A silver metallic sequin dress (sans cleavage) is absolutely to die for. It’s fun, it’s sparkly and it’s ready to party. Classic patent leather pumps are the perfect accessory as they are ‘statement-y’ enough without creating that over-the-top effect by piling on too many statement items. For a pop of colour go with a small hot pink cross-body bag – just to add to the wow effect.


The Day Time Garden Party

No, daytime parties haven’t slipped our minds, and we’ve got the dream combination for this occasion too. To be voted best dressed, you need to find that perfect middle between super chic and completely effortless. This is where a classic black and white stripe T-shirt comes to the stage; it’s casual, yet sophisticated. To elevate the look it should be joined by a pair of red culottes cut just above the ankle. The fabric is light, it falls nicely and allows for plenty of movement, not to mention how incredibly chic these pants are. A neck-scarf is accessory enough, along with a nude woven tote and espadrilles to match. Voila, you’ve just achieved the elegance of a French girl without seeming overdressed; this outfit is a complete homerun.

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