3 Clean Fragrances I’m Loving

Growing up, I completely loved perfume and I thought I was so grown up & feminine wearing it. Now I am a grown adult and understand all the chemicals that are added to my most favourite frangrances, I completely avoid wearing commerial chemical filled perfumes. I actually adore using essential oils as perfume like my Whisper Blend but when I do, I only use clean and safe options, which in my opinion smell even better! These are 3 clean brands I am loving now

Created with all natural elements and no toxins, with some ingredients even encouraging healing and balance.

Rich Hippie
Made with traditional methods, with all fragrances are crafted from plants and flowers in small batches.

Earth-conscious, their perfumes are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

I would love to hear what clean fragrances you are using……

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