What Causes Changes In Your Skin Tone And Texture

Unless you’re among the lucky few who have successfully gone even through their adolescent years without a single zit or a blackhead, then you’re likely battling your smoothness issues every now and then. Every one of us yearns for that silky, radiant glow only healthy skin can emit. We experiment with different products and await for that perfect all-in-one solution that will keep our complexion velvety forever.

Well, although there is no one-size-fits-all solution for this particular beauty conundrum, there are a few signals to look for and a few trusty strategies to apply in times of skincare crisis. Find out what your skin’s greatest nemeses are and defeat them with the splendour of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts!

Nourishment from within

Just like regular consumption of strong liquor can wreak havoc on your liver, not to mention the rest of your body, every choice you make in the creation of your daily menu profoundly affects your largest organ of all – your skin. Sooner or later, that greasy portion of fries and the sugary milkshake that follows will leave their mark on your complexion, and dealing with the consequences will be much more strenuous than preventing the chaos.

Your skin is hungry for natural, versatile foods, from omega-3 rich salmon that gives your skin youthful elasticity and moisture, to antioxidant-packed fruits such as oranges and berries that keep the wrinkles away. Rosy cheeks require ditching processed, sugary, fatty foods, and switching them for vitamin and mineral rich plants and lean meats.

One sip of beauty at a time

If the human body is almost entirely made up of water, can you guess how much of your precious silky skin is made of this godly liquid? Your skin is approximately 64% water, and much like your heart and your lungs, it needs its fair share of hydration to not only make it through the day, but maintain its perky, healthy appearance.

Start your mornings with a cup of lukewarm water with lemon, a rich nutrient-dense breakfast to follow, and have a bottle of water with you at all times throughout the day to make sure you’re hydrating properly. It will take time for the results to show, but you will soon realize the importance of your water intake for a smooth complexion!

Pamper your skin

Even with the best of your efforts at play, you cannot avoid all the perils of urban life. We live in a toxic environment, from pollutants in the air and soil, to pesticides and chemicals in your food, and your skin serves as one of your main defence mechanisms to safeguard your body from the effects of those toxic particles.

However, instead of burdening your skin with more dangerous chemicals, you might as well help it achieve its full potential by basing your beauty regime on healthy skincare products such as those available on Nourished Life, made of all-natural organic ingredients. Only a healthy, natural routine can complement your lifestyle and help your skin cope with our harsh living environment.

Lifestyle choices

Those who live well can enjoy the luxury of ageing well, and your skin is no exception. In addition to natural processes that change your complexion with age, such as reduced collagen production and poorer absorption of nutrients from food, unhealthy habits can significantly change your skin tone and texture over time.

Include a weekly exercise routine to boost your metabolism and microcirculation, create your own stress-reducing strategy such as meditation or spending time in nature, nurture your social life and ditch those addictive habits such as smoking or binge-eating. Slowly, your skin will show you its gratitude by giving you that desired glow and purity.

Long-term goals that will base your lifestyle on healthy choices will be your strongest asset in maintaining a smooth complexion and radiant skin that will reflect your inner beauty as well as your captivating appearance.

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