A Conscious Wake Up!

How do we wake up to awareness when we are comfortable right where we are? Where we are is just fine, okay, maybe the same, yet consistent and predictable. Perhaps we have settled into a nice routine that makes us feel safe and secure. A place that allows us to feel in control of life’s situation and may even allow us to manage our responses, pre-plan our actions and follow tested paths. This is easy. No hard work or extra effort required. Why would we bother waking up into more awareness, when this would mean stirring the surface and make changes. Why, knowing that once we open to a stream of awareness you can never go back to denial and pretending you didn’t know? Why, because the benefits are limitless.

What might happen if we shook off all our illusions of control and safety and choose to wake up our awareness to something different? To keep swimming in the river of ‘the Nile – denial’ takes stamina and effort. But going with the flow of the river is effortless. It is easier to float with your eyes opened with awareness taking in the surroundings and letting yourself find a new shore line and take in a new view and focal point. Busting down bubbles of illusions would allow rays of light to filter in and shine onto perceptions a bright. Veils of false safety nets could just melt away and would most likely reveal a whole other perspective and /or aspect of you, you never noticed before.

Two things can help you to move from denial to awareness, an unforeseen circumstance or situation that forces you to wake up and move into action. This sounds scary. The second approach is a conscious choice to expand your experience and truly feel your living existence with the whole of your mind, body, heart, and spirit. An intended choice will give you more control, abilities, ownership, skills to manage circumstances and the freedom to keep choosing as you like.

Allowing yourself to become more aware means waking up to receive new; possibilities, experiences, options, directions, feelings, information, sensations, wonderment, connections, relationships, meaning, purpose, learning, ah-ha moments, laughter, sorrow, stories, memories, skills, gifts, tools, strengths, and more, and better, and plus so much more.….   To me this sounds exciting, adventurous and enticing, so much better than the same old predictable, boring blah-blah-blah….whatever……

The benefits of awareness are endless. The amount of personal growth you can do is expansive. The amount of learning could be like easy trickling streams or a gushing cascading river. It would solely or soul-ly depend on you.

Building more awareness can be easy it requires only your willingness to try and to want to wake up. Add some courage to be able to take a bit of risk. Give yourself permission to change and allow yourself a new experience. Release any fear that arises and may be the cause of blocks not allowing the river of life to flow. Start by trusting that you are capable of change and growth. Build on the belief that you are worthy enough to receive the gifts of awareness and to live life to its fullest. Rolling with it, flow with the experiences. River the ebbs and crests of the water and you will survive the ups, downs.

Becoming more aware starts with the realization that you do not have to be asleep or absent from your own experiences. It is being more Mindful of all your actions, thoughts, and feelings and being aware of the details on your surroundings. Begin with connection with your senses and appreciate the sensations you are having through all the good vibrations of; sound, sight, taste smell, and touch. Enjoy! Then expand beyond these basic five senses and explore the senses of intelligence, (thought) instinct, (gut) and intuition (extra-sensory). There are many books, course, and gurus to help your develop these additional senses further. Practicing the many forms, approaches and styles of Meditation is one way to help you become more aware and sensational or sensate-eight.

Allow yourself to feel with your heart. Allow those feelings to come to the surface and flow freely through your body and mind. Give your feelings full expression using a most colourful language that is fueled with spirit. Fill your heart with dynamic movement and all the passion you can generate, deliver and handle. Common topics to help explore with our hearts can be understood using emotional Intelligence, or explore any of the cultural arts; dancing, singing, music, poetry, athletics, wood working, painting, sculpting, sewing, gardening crafts. Just go ahead and create. This is your opportunity to listen to your heart as it sends you signs and messages guiding you to an Awaken Awareness.

Record your discoveries and progress. Take pictures of yourself, now as asleep and after any of your awakening experiences. Scribe your ah-ah moments. Better yet, go share it with someone. Passionately! Keep a journal of the new connections you are making, and the how your relationships with other and yourself is flourishing. Write it in your heart by allowing yourself to feel how you are alive and in touch with all your senses. Consciously write how keenly aware you are and can account in details all that you have learned and how you have grown. Learn to Meditate, to manage the flow of energy information and abundance of understanding you will effortless be processing.

Most importantly allow the awakening to begin and proceed. Have no fear. Where you will be going will be better or at the very least different from where you started from. You are guaranteed to learn something new, about others, yourself, and the world. You will always learn and further develop your Self. You will most definitely build even more Awareness.

So wake up and get up to meet your experiences. !

There is a life out there, waiting to be lived – By YOU !!!!

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