5 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying A House

Will The Roof Or Windows Need To Be Replaced?

Do the windows close properly or do they let in drafts? Single pane glass allow for almost all the heat to escape, make sure yours are insulated. Are your window original to the house? Many window frames and surrounds were painted with lead based paint. What about the roof? New windows can cost upwards of $12000 and new roof  starting at $15000 which is a considerable expense after just purchasing a new home.

Do You See Any Signs Of Pests?

Do you see any signs of ants, mice, roaches and other types of insects or pests? Check behind the refrigerator, in the cabinets and pantry for any signs of infestations or droppings.

How Much Are The Utilities?

Make sure you ask for copies of the utilities for the property, many people completely under estimate how much is costs to run a house. Especially if you are moving from condo living to a detached home, your utility costs will be significantly increased.

Does The Ground Slope Away From The House?

Does the house sit on top of a hill or at the bottom of a hill? Where does the water flow in and around the house? Consider the condition of the grading around the property and the slope of the land, remember that flooding can occur when the water runs towards the home and diverted away.

Are There Sidewalks Outside The House And Parking In Your Neighbourhood?

Having sidewalks outside your home and in your neighbourhood is an extremely important safety feature especially if you have children and or like running of jogging. Adequate parking for yourself and visitors should be explored. Do you need a resident permit to park on the street for an extended period?

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