Working From Home

The idea of working from home is perceived by many as the perfect scenario. Don’t get me wrong the benefits of no commute time, no real dress code and the flexibility to plan early or late starts are fabulous but staying inside your house solo for the bulk of your weekdays can be a struggle. Staying productive and work focused can be challenging so creating healthy routines is important. A flexible schedule can give you more time for your overall fitness and wellbeing, but it’s also so easy to become lazy as your days don’t have the same structure as when employed in a formal workplace environment. After working from home for at least 2 days per week the past couple of years, these are the most 3 effective ways for me to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

Get Up Early

It’s easy to sleep in without the deadline of leaving for the office. I find it myself so much more productive when I am up and out of bed by 6am, I get some yoga in which gets my metabolism going before my shower. Make a point of getting dressed properly, not your sweat pants but real clothes and eating a healthy breakfast, not only will it stop you from wanting to snack later but puts you in the right head space. You can focus on your work tasks instead of thinking about if or when you will fit any exercise in.

Work Time Is Not Chore Time

Set time boundaries on work time versus housekeeping time. A laundry basket full of dirty clothes, a dishwasher that needs to be packed/unpacked and floors that need to vacuumed & steamed can be ridiculously distracting. I know from personal experience that it’s super tempting to do housework rather than your ‘office’ work. But filling your days up with household tasks leaving your work to last minute, almost missing your deadline, will stress you out. I have created a designated timeframe for all the day to day chores — beds made, 2 loads of laundry completed, evening meal planned & prep finished, bathrooms cleaned up, dishwasher and kitchen done before starting my work day at 9am. I allocate another 30 minutes at 2pm for any dusting and floor cleaning. By doing this I get to completely focus (when not attending to my daughter) on my work not worrying about what else needs to be done.

Eat Lunch & Take That Break

I make sure that I actually eat lunch! Real food, not cookies or sweets but a salad at the kitchen table without my computer. Food and that 20 minute break is exactly what I need. That 3pm yawn happens no matter where  you work, sitting at your desk for an extended period of time and no physical commute time without any social interaction can be a little downing on your psyche. A 10 minute stroll even if it’s only to collect your mail or some stretches in the backyard gets some fresh air in your lungs and your blood flowing.

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