My Home Indulgences For Everyday Life

The change of seasons is the perfect time to refresh your home. Why not treat yourself to a few home indulgences? These are 5 that I love in my house, simple things to elevate your surroundings without breaking the bank.

Fresh Flowers & House Plants

If you have read my We All Need Plants In Our Homes or weekly Favourite Things posts, then you will already know that I love plants & flowers. One of my all time favourite ways to add a pop of colour and brighten any room is to add fresh blooms or green plants. Make a visit to your own garden or local nursery to a few of your favorites to breathe life and happiness into your space.

Coffee Machine

I don’t drink coffee everyday but my husband does. When I do have coffee my delight is a latte, which means it’s my Nesspresso machine to the rescue. It is as simple as filling the milk canister, loading the capsule then pressing the button. And I can even make it matcha one too!! Not having to leave the house, when in the middle of a Canadian winter, it is one luxury I am completely in love with.

Beautiful Bed Linen 

There is nothing like climbing into a bed made with clean, crisp, high thread count linens. Quality bedding can make you feel like you are staying at a fabulous hotel, it will cost a little more at the purchase time but they will last longer & wear better so it’s absolutely worth the investment.  

Matching Hangers

Small everyday things can make all the difference, ditch the wire for matching wooden or velvet hangers. The wooden option are strong and will last a lifetime, even supporting heavier items like coats & jackets. Velvet hangers keep clothes from falling to the bottom of your closet and are usually really thin, which can be a help if space is limited so more clothes can fit into your wardrobe. 

Luxurious Bathrobe

I personally love feeling of my cashmere bathrobe after climbling out bed in the morning to head down and make a cup of tea before changing into my workout / yoga clothes. And I freely admit to coming home after a long day, showering early and slipping into my robe. We also have lots of houseguests so being able to slip my robe on and look rather okay first thing is a treat. Whether it be cashmere, soft fluffy toweling or silk make it perfect for you.

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