The Value Of Mentorship

A Mentor, by definition is an experienced and trusted adviser.

Who is a mentor for? Should you get a mentor, a coach,  or a trainer?

I have been a mentor, trainer, and coach for nearly two decades. ​For at least that duration of time, I always had my own mentors, coaches, trainers. I always had certain professional guides, in a particular area of focus, who could get me to where I wanted to go—in the direction I wanted to grow in. While I always actively did my own self-studying, I had trusted advisers along the way, always, who had my back to take me to a new level.

Mentors and coaches are everywhere these days. No matter where you need assistance, you can find dozens, just one click away. But are they really necessary? Can you not do all the work on your own? Yes. And, no.

Yes, you can do much of the work on your own, alone without guidance. You can do the research, you can read the books, you can seek out experiences, associations etc. certain mentors had gone through, that got them to their current level of life, success and expertise. You can set out to live the same experiences, those you admire have.

Be prepared, it will take you tremendous amount of time, sometimes even years. Be prepared for a long, frustrating learning curve of your own. One, consisting mainly of unknown, unforeseeable, and so much more that is impossible to predict, to get even near the level your mentor may be at.

If you choose to save time and fast forward your life to the level your mentors live right now, it can be a real game changer. Here are just a few very good reasons, who you should seriously consider getting your own mentor(s):


Your investment into a mentor is one of the greatest you will make into yourself and your future. Mentors are serious, goal oriented, value and success driven. You acquire they expertise, in return, they are invested in you, your success. The exchange of values is high, so is the return on the investment, mutually.


The level of expertise a mentor can serve you from, today, and potentially help you grow, they can do so in a fraction of the time. I.e. it would take you years to gain their level of insight and mastery. Having a mentor can literally compress time, therefore increase the value of it.

Time, that would take you to do the work they had done, is beyond possible to determine. You can gain access to them and acquire their expertise to propel you forward in a fraction of the time as well. Time is the one commodity in life that is impossible to regain. Once it is gone, it is gone. Choose to spend it wisely.


There is great value in learning from someone who is master of the craft you want to acquire for yourself. If you wanted to lose weight, as an example, your best bet is to seek mentorship form a coach who specializes in that, instead of wasting your time and resources on tips, gimmick, and quick fixes commonly promised in our world. A mentor can offer you invaluable expertise, that is inevitable key to success.


There is a seldom clearly acknowledged value in partaking in a real life Mastermind, whether it is two people, or more. When two people come together for the same purpose, their combined effort may yield compound effect, had they individually pursued a task at hand. This is how, via the power of a team, how successful people master their craft and are able to have their reach influence beyond what may be possible on their own.

It is the immeasurable advantage to a value added partnership, a real life mentorship, you will have the gift of, once you share yourself, your goals, challenges with someone who is already living where you aspire to. Someone, who has already walked before you, and can help you work your way to an outcome that will meet you with your goals, and in most cases surpass those. You cannot do this alone. Not to mention, the power of the network great mentors tap into that you can possibly gain a share into. People of influence who can change and further your life, career and more potentially. Again. You can try this alone, but it is a waste of precious time and life.

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