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Sunshine And Lovely Glass Of Wine

Hello Everyone,

This week has been way too busy for my liking, that whole balance thing which I sometimes talk about was completely and utterly out the window. It absolutely eluded me for the past 7 days, between our stair project at home (yes, it’s still going and going on…), to my client projects, my media clients and wait for it…..drumroll please – we are heading to Australia in 10 days!! Yes, the doctor gave my husband the okay to travel. And my daughter turns 4 tomorrow so we celebrating quietly on Saturday then having a large friends & family celebration Sunday afternoon. Can’t wait to be on the plane heading to the land of my birth but in the meantime, I just need to get through my huge to-do-list while having a wonderful time with my daughter and Canadian family. As this week has ridicously busy snapping photographs was the last thing on I my list, so these are the things I am dreaming of and I wish I was enjoying right now.

Happy Weekend,


The Complete Relaxation Of A Hot Stone Massage

Tub Time With My Favourite Lavender & Oatmeal Bath Soak

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