Making Conscious & Ethical Choices For Your Wardrobe

These days most of us are trying to make far more thoughtful and educated choices about what we buy, when and from what kind of retailer. I personally gravitate towards brands that have meaning and are socially responsible small shops – those that support a family. The fashion industry around the world exploits many workers and damages our environment, that impacts all of us. By simply changing our purchasing habits and choosing to buy locally made, from small business stand alone business and companies which have a proven socially conscious track record, we can all make a difference. One that I hope means, that the fast fashion era is on it’s way out.

An ethical wardrobe is one which loved and worn often. Did you know that many people wear only 20% of the clothing they own? Make your own wardrobe “conscious” by loving the items that you purchase, caring for the clothing which you already own and planning which new clothes you actually need and when rather than just impulsively buying something.

Always remember to focus on quality of each item not quantity of clothes stuffed in your closet. I believe it was fashion icon, Vivienne Westwood, that said –  “buy less, choose well, and make it last.” There is no such thing as a conscious fast fashion, unfortunatley fast fashion is completely unethical and not at all sustainable. This mass produced product uses methods that damage our envrioment, the garment are intended to be quickly produced, then sold, and discarded after only limited wears.

A conscious wardrobe means building slowly with staple pieces which you love and that you see as an investment, will wear with joy, and  purchasing from retailers that care about the impact on our environment. By simply choosing wisely where we spend our money, we can make a change.

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