What’s Grounding Or Earthing?

What’s Grounding or Earthing? I am talking about being connected to the earth and our body’s need for the natural current within it for our health and wellbeing. To Ground or Earth yourself is to remove the build up of positive electrons from our bodies by making a direct contact with the earth. The earth, sand and water is a conductive material that removes excess positive electrons from the body. We are exposed each and everyday to electromagnetic waves from cell phones, computers and wifi which build up in our bodies causing us health issues.

How good do you feel walking barefoot along the sand at the beach or just out in your own backyard with the grass under your bare feet? Ever feel a sense of warmth and well-being rising up into your body during these times, those sensations are because your barefoot are having direct contact with the surface of the Earth, which has it’s own energy. This energy is a powerful source of natural energy for our bodies, it can actually harmonize & re-jig your natural biological rhythm. Jet lag is a perfect example of this, I always try to land in the morning at my destination and then have at least 30 minutes of barefoot time at my destination, it works wonders. Think of boosting your immune system and self healing processes, reducing inflammation and pain in your body, and improving the quality of your sleep and induce a feeling of calm – Grounding or Earthing can do this for you.

Here’s a list of benefits from numerous studies on Grounding Or Earthing

  • Reducing Inflammation By Defusing Excess Positive Electrons Our Bodies Collect From Wifi, Cellphone & Computers
  • Reduction In Chronic Pain
  • Increasing Energy Levels
  • Lowering Stress By Reducing The Stress Hormone Cortisol
  • Improving Blood Pressure
  • Relieving Muscle Tension, Migrane & Headache

The natural way to Ground yourself is to walk around barefoot outside on the grass, soil, sand at the beach as much as possible. To give your body that direct contact with the earth, there is no set amount of time but 30 minutes each days can work wonders for your body.

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