Your Bedroom And Feng Shui

What do you know about feng shui? Anything? Are you interested in harmonizing your life? Our bedroom is a space that we spend many hours in, and for most of us it’s not just a place to sleep but a place to relax too. According to feng shui, it’s holds your personal qi or your body’s life force, try these feng shui recommendations for your bedroom.

Your Mattress

Your mattress choice is very important, a king-size mattress usually have a split box spring. In feng shui, it creates separation between yourself and your partner. It may also create a split in your body somewhere this can definitely cause health issues or for you to feel unbalanced. Always go for a queen or king  with solid base box spring. Never place the side of your bed against the wall, it’s ideal for your health to have the bedhead against the wall, this allows energy to flow all around the sides, top, and bottom of you so you can heal while sleeping.

Diffusing Essential Oil

Essential oils not only smell amazing but they have genuine healing qualities. Diffusing essential oils in your bedroom cannot only help you relax & sleep but boost your immune system. My favourites for the bedroom are Lavender, Rose, Neroli and a Doterra blend – Onguard.

Stones & Crystals

Place a pair of tumbled Pink Quartz in the relationship area of your bedroom – it’s the far right corner when you’re standing looking into your bedroom, Pink Quartz is a stone of the Heart Chakra. Use this stone to for emotional healing, self love and harmonizing within oneself and with a partner or family.

Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz paired are like yin and yang – these provide balance, clarity and protection. Black tourmaline grounds and protects us while purifying our bedroom energetically from electromagnetic forces which affect our body’s sleeping and healing. Many healers recommend placing 4 black tourmaline pieces in the four corners of your bedroom – this creates a grid of protection, then place a piece of clear quartz in the centre of the grid.

Always A Pair Of Nightstands

Always have a pair of nightstands, they do not have to match but it’s important to have 2. It’s a way of signifying to the universe that you want cultivate a balanced partnership in your current life or in the future

House Plants

Always have a green living plant in your bedroom for restorative energy, the colour green is not only visually soothing but many studies have shown that it helps with healing. Did you know that plants provide oxygen while removing carbon monoxide and other harmful substances from the air so that we can breathe well in our bedrooms. Plants bring living energy into your space and help remove stagnant energy, they also help combat the negative electromagnetic energy that radiates from your computer, television and cell phone.

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