Realization Of A Dream, Dreams Do Come True, Achievement Reached

We all have goals in life. Some are attainable through perseverance and hard work and others only possible through sheer luck or in our wildest dreams. One of mine has come true!

Back in the early 90’s after completing 2 years of Fashion Design at Sheridan College in Oakville I was having an early life crisis, what was I going to do with my life since after graduating I had no interest working in the fashion industry. I had learned that it just wasn’t “ME”. So what was I going to do? At that time I was living in Orangeville with someone who was a woodworker/cabinetmaker and I thought that with the patternmaking and sewing skills I had acquired I could apply that to furniture and learn how to upholster. I didn’t want to work at Dairy Queen any longer than the 8 years I had already worked there for. It was my first job, besides babysitting, and it did pay my way through college but I needed to find a job related to what I went to school for. At this time the Government of Canada had a subsidy for employers as an incentive to hire in the trades. I approached a local upholstery shop and with the subsidy and my background in Fashion Design I was hired on and in the 3 years I was there learned the proper techniques that are required to upholster pretty much anything! It was during this time that I had the thought wouldn’t it be cool if something I’ve upholstered or created was in Homes and Gardens magazine or on HG TV since my initials were H.A.G (Hope Anne Gilmore) at the time and I was going to call my company HG Upholstery one day. It took quite a few years before I was able to start my own business (even if it was part time while I was working full time) and I did start out with HG Upholstery. I change it after I got married to my wonderful husband Ron van Ravens. My initial changed so that’s when HG Upholstery was retired and Re-Luv’d Custom Upholstery was born!

I received an email in late January via my website from Ines Mazzotta of Kelly Hopter Interiors in Guelph inquiring if I had time available to upholster a chair for an upcoming photo shoot she was having with House and Home magazine on February first. Despite the tight deadline I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to have one of my long awaited dreams to be realized! Even better was when Ines informed me that we had made June’s cover!! To read the full article, pick up a copy anywhere magazines are sold or download it now for your android or apple device via

Never give up doing what you truly love. It might take 20 years for any accolades or recognition but when they come it makes what you’ve been doing all along worth the journey.

Happy Sitting, Hope

Before My Transformation 

After My Transformation

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