Caring For Your Shoes

Caring for your shoes is an absolute necessity to protect your investment and the longevity of your purchase as our shoes constantly exposed to the elements. New or vintage – make your shoes look like brand new with these tips for your shoes, sandals, heels and boots.

My Shoe Kit Contains

  • Leather Balms
  • Small Bottle of White Vinegar
  • Small bottle of Wool Wash
  • Clean Cloths
  • Shoe Brushes
  • Shoe Polish
  • Waterproof Spray

Always Waterproof Before Wearing

Always waterproof and treat your shoes before wearing them for the first time. I know that sounds boring but trust me, it’s well worth it!!  Just wipe down your leather shoes with a warm sponge and rub in with a soft clean cloth the product of your choice like beeswax or leather waterproof balm until it’s fully absorbed. Cloth shoes can be sprayed with a waterproof mist.

Treat Them Gently  

Don’t forget, leather is a natural material. Meaning that it will stretch out and shape around the contours of your feet over time. Fabric also stretches and can sometimes pull easily so treat your shoes with care.

Care Between Wears

Your leather shoes need to be conditioned with the appropriate coloured balm, after every wear to maintain the sheen rub a cream conditioner into your shoes with a soft cotton cloth, I use different coloured cloths for different shoe colours. Fabric shoes should be gently wiped or brushed over with a stiff cloth or soft bristle brush. Always let your shoes breathe for at least 30 minutes before putting them away on the your shoe rack or into their box or bags.

If you become caught in rain and your shoes are saturated in water, remove as much moisture as possible with a clean absorbent cloth or sponge. Allow your shoes to dry completely in natural light, don’t put them in front of the fireplace or a heater as it may cause the leather to crack or the fabric to shrink. Once your shoes are dry – condtioner your leather with leather balm then add your beeswax waterproofing again and reapply the waterproof mist to your fabric shoes.

Removing Marks and Salt Stains

To remove discolouration, salt stains and marks – try dampening a clean cloth with 1 part vinegar & 1 part water and gently wipe down the leather or fabric. Don’t wet your shoes in the vinegar & water mix. When trying to remove a stain – brush away any dirt with a soft bristle shoe brush, then wipe your shoes down with a cloth dampened in mix of 1 part wool wash & 1 part lukewarm water. Let your shoes completely dry in natural light then condition your leather shoes with leather balm or fabric shoes with waterproof mist.


If your leather shoes have lost their shine then polishing is a neccessity. Choose a shoe polish colour that matches your shoes, always clean your shoes first then apply the polish with a small polish brush in tiny circular motions. Allow to set for 10 minutes dry then rub the polish in with a small cloth. Then with a very soft cloth – like old soft t-shirt material buff your shoes to a shine.

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