15 Ways To Look Great This Summer

Make the most of your summer beauty with these 15 simple tips. The countdown to warmer look-good-feel-good weather is on it’s way!

  1. Get Your Shine On- Nourish your hair with a mask and summer cut followed by a sexy shine that also protects your locks from sun and colour damage. Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry oil
  2. Juicy Lips – Add shine and youthfulness to your everyday look. Bright, cheer glosses will capture the light and make you glow. Buxom Full-On Lip Crème
  3. Pump Up Your Lashes – Get your eyelashes tinted or get eyelash extensions for the summer. When you have standout eyes you can get away with minimal makeup.
  4. Frame Your Face – Bring life to your face by defining the perfect shape and tint of your brows.
  5. Brighten Your Smile Naturally – Let your smile do the talking. Natural teeth whiteners: BLCK or Baking Soda (super cheap!)
  6. Exfoliate – Exfoliate your skin by bringing new skin cells to the surface and remove winters damage. Beauty Green Botanicals
  7. Diminish the Appearance of Cellulite – enough said. Urban Spa Bamboo Brush
  8. Moisturize – Rejuvenate and hydrate head to toe, everyday. Add tint to provide a natural summer glow. Jergens Natural Glow
  9. Golden Tan > Foundation – Ditch the foundation and go natural by applying a streak-free golden self-tan. Clarins Self Tanning Milk SPF 6
  10. Blush It Up – Get a sun kissed glow that compliments your skin tone. Benefit GALifornia Blush
  11. Always Have Your Toes Painted – Take care of your feet, pick a cute summer colour that screams beach. Flip Flop Fantasy
  12. Smell Fresh – Opt for a light zest of freshness. CHANEL Chance
  13. Drink Water – Stay hydrated with infused fruit of your choice. My favourite summer combination: lemon, cucumber, mint.
  14. Find An Outdoor Activity You Enjoy – Get vitamin D and energize 3+ times a week with something you enjoy doing.
  15. Bathing Suits Calling and The Hairs Gotta Go – Hair free, carefree, make a decision. Don’t get caught in the bush. Wax or laser.

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