Fashion Simplicity: Create A Five Piece French Wardrobe

How many times have you opened your wardrobe and thought “I’ve got nothing to wear!” How many times was this actually true? With piles and piles of clothing in our closets, do we even remember all the pieces that we own, or are we surprised every time we do a spring cleaning and find a shirt we don’t even remember buying? The truth is, most of us just own too many things. From lipstick in crazy colours that we once thought we could pull off, to weird, impractical skirts that are impossible to combine with anything. The obsessive need to own more things is sold to us by the consumerism society which tells us that in order to be cool, happy, or fulfilled, we really need this one thing that someone is selling. We buy without thinking it through and this leads to empty wallets and closets overflowing with stuff we’ll probably never use.

Consequently, the five-piece French wardrobe idea comes as something refreshing and beautifully minimalist. It became popular in the last decade and incorporating it into your shopping habits and everyday routine is bound to save you a lot of money and a lot of worrying.

Understanding The Basics

One thing’s certain: you can never accuse the French of not knowing fashion. But if you look at the iconic French style you’ll see that it’s actually fairly simple, and as such, very elegant. This is the entire basis for the five-piece wardrobe – simplicity. Instead of fifty ill-fitting tops you got at some clearance sale, it’s much better to stick to a few high-quality things that fit you perfectly.

Before you buy anything, consider these things:

  • Is it made of quality, long lasting material?
  • Will it go well with the things I already own?
  • Does it fit me perfectly?

If the answer to any of these is no, then you don’t need this piece. Blindly following trends and buying clothes for every “micro-season” that comes will make you neither happy, nor stylish.

All You Really Need

There are five major categories that you need to consider when it comes to clothes: 1) tops and dresses, 2) bottoms, 3) shoes, 4) jackets, 5) accessories. You need to make sure that you have at least one sensible, goes-with-everything piece in each of these categories. Before you buy new things, consider getting rid of the ones you no longer need, either by selling them or swapping them with friends. It’s a nice way to clear up some space in your closet andreduce the amount of clutter.

The things you buy don’t necessarily need to be in simple, neutral colours. If a little black dress is not your thing, then by all means, find some pretty dresses online that suit your style. You absolutely don’t need to wear business suits or classic looks. Bright shirts, or pants with rips and chains, have fun with your fashion and pick things that you will enjoy wearing often.

The Essence Of A Five-Piece Wardrobe

Each season (this means spring/summer and fall/winter) you are allowed to buy five pieces of clothing. This will allow you to really plan your outfits and get things that you need, rather than buy something on a whim and then wear it maybe once or twice before you throw it out. It will also force you to look into your wardrobe and find all those things that you forgot you even had.

Mindfulness and simplicity are the key. This is a great way to really build your style into something cohesive rather than leaving it as a haphazard mess. Relying on a few high-quality staples will make your day to day life easier. So, before you buy anything, make a list of the things you really need, and plan the direction in which you want to push your style. Five items of clothing per season are just enough to refresh your wardrobe and you will very rarely need more than that.

The five-piece plan is a great way to save money and become less reckless. Don’t fall victim to the overconsumption. Instead of being wasteful, think about the things you really need and buy only what suits you well. If you don’t absolutely love or need that piece, why should you get it?

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